Top 10 Places to Visit in Canada and Why

As our currency struggles on the international market, 2016 is destined to be a great year for Canadian travel. Domestic travel is trending, as’s most recent survey confirms that 64 per cent of Canadians intend on travelling this year, however, many expect to keep their travels close to home with 73 per cent saying the weakened loonie will affect their choice of vacation destination.

So why not use well-earned vacation time to explore our countless natural wonders and bustling cities to get the most out of your travel dollar? Many travellers put off visiting their home country, but there hasn’t been a better time than the present to finally check destinations off your Canadian bucket list!

1. Dawson City, Yukon

Let’s start with the northernmost destination on this list, mysterious Dawson City, Yukon. Explore the 19th century-looking buildings or test your bravery as you sip on the famous sourtoe cocktail. Whether you want to learn about the Klondike Gold Rush or spend your days in the surrounding mountains for air as pure as it gets, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this fabulous Canadian territory.

Dawson City, Yukon

Photo: Chris Shervey (flickr)

2. Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal

OK, so there’s a bit of cheating going on, as I’ve combined Canada’s leading cities into one, but I’m sure you’ll easily admit that no trip would be complete without a visit to Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. Three different metropolises, three different styles and cultures, but all as amazing as can be!

Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal

3. Lake Louise, Alberta

Banff National Park’s most renowned attraction is a sight for sore eyes! This glacial lake boasts year-round stunning emerald reflections. Head out on one of many trails that start around the lake, grab a canoe and go for a ride or simply enjoy a drink while you admire the scenery.

Lake Louise, Alberta

Photo: Brian Powers (flickr)

4. Churchill, Manitoba

On the shores of the Hudson Bay, Churchill is definitely Manitoba’s most remote attraction. The city isn’t what tourists come for, though, as the spotlight shines on the local polar bear population. Your chances of spotting them are good in autumn, as Churchill is called the “Polar Bear Capital of the World” for good reason!

Churchill, Manitoba

Photo: Martin Lopatka (flickr)

5. Canadian Great Lakes Region

Right along the border between Canada and the United States, the Great Lakes contain 21 per cent of the world’s fresh water. No wonder they are so important to the surrounding provinces… Great for swimming, boating, sailing and many other leisurely activities, an escape along their shores is of uttermost interest to both nature and city lovers!

6. Kamouraska, Bas-Saint-Laurent, Québec

For a taste of the best the St.-Lawrence river has to offer, make your way to Kamouraska, where it slowly widens to meet with the Atlantic Ocean. Indeed, it is my favourite village in Quebec to marvel at spectacular sunsets and enjoy local seafood. The great part about this region is its variety, as the seashore and lush forests lay only kilometres apart.


Photo: Jennifer Doré Dallas

7. Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

Known for the high tides that make for a great spectacle, the Bay of Fundy is one of New Brunswick’s leading attractions. Besides viewing impressive natural phenomena caused by the record-breaking tidal range, no vacation in the Maritimes would be the same without a day at Hopewell Rocks! At low tide, walk among the huge rock formations that resemble flowerpots and catch a glimpse of nature’s power.

Bay of Fundy

Photo: Lesley Green

8. Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Cape Breton Island is surely a must-see destination for sailing, kayaking and whale watching in the region’s many coves and open water sanctuaries. Does the picturesque Cabot Trail need an introduction? Hit the road and swerve along one of the country’s most breathtaking roads, just miles from Alexander Graham Bell’s birthplace. It’s also not every day you get to snap a selfie with the world’s largest fiddle located in the Port of Sydney!

World's largest fiddle

Photo: Smudge 9000 (flickr)

9. St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador’s capital presents itself boldly with a mosaic of colourful houses. You’ll surely be unable to stop yourself from taking tons of pictures while revelling in St. John’s eclectic atmosphere inspired by its proximity to water. Remember you’re on Canada’s most eastern edge!

St. John's

Photo: Paul (flickr)

10. Magdalen Islands

As my absolute most favourite destination in Canada, I had to end my recommended Canadian bucket list with the Magdalen Islands. Although located in the Maritimes, the archipelago is part of the province of Quebec and can be accessed by ferry from Souris, Prince Edward Island. Simply indescribable, I can guarantee no visitor ever leaves unscathed. From jaw-dropping cliffs to endless white sand beaches, families and adventure seekers alike will enjoy the Islanders’ friendly welcome.

Magdalen Islands

Photo: Jennifer Doré Dallas
Ready to book your trip within Canada this year? Don’t forget travel insurance, even when travelling within Canada because it’s key for a safe and unforgettable journey!

What are the top Canadian attractions on your list?