Travel Etiquette: Canada's Pet Peeves

We've all had that moment when a stranger hogs the armrest during an entire flight, or an oblivious traveller watches a loud YouTube video in a public place. Take a deep breath and stay calm, because you're on vacation! With the upcoming holiday travel season quickly approaching, travel etiquette should be top of mind to ensure everyone's trip is hassle-free. The following tips, inspired by a survey about Canada's common travel pet peeves, will help you keep frustrations to a minimum!

What Gets Under Your Skin?

According to the Travelocity survey, some of the biggest pet peeves of Canadian travellers include unexpected costs, delays, complainers and the lack of seat etiquette. Things like armrest hogging, seat-switching and excessive reclining are ill-mannered behaviours that can test anyone’s patience. In fact, one quarter of the survey’s respondents report a lack of courtesy pertaining to seat assignments and carry-on arrangements at the top of their travel annoyances. But there’s more, so much more, that can get under the skin of travellers about their fellow travellers.

What’s Your Rush?

Travel Etiquette: Canada’s Pet Peeves

Before a flight, wait your turn when in the boarding area. Waiting for your seat zone to be called will make the line move swiftly. And while waiting to board, remember to keep your possessions off unoccupied seats, as being able to take a seat is a commodity all travellers deserve, especially after enduring the long lines that come with going through security and customs. The same goes for arriving at your destination; deplaning will be more efficient and quicker if the front rows are emptied out first.

Use the Space You Have Efficiently

Travel Etiquette: Canada's Pet Peeves

Dealing with other people’s travel habits is never easy. There never seems to be enough space for everyone’s carry-on luggage. To facilitate everyone’s flying experience, use the space under the seat in front of you as much as possible, reducing your overhead compartment needs. Saving those bins for larger items will accelerate the boarding process, and potentially prevent passengers—including yourself—from having to check a carry-on.

Look Before You Recline

Travel Etiquette: Canada's Pet Peeves

After take-off, it’s time for well-deserved R&R! Before pushing your seat back, make sure the passenger behind you is ready for your recline. You might save a laptop screen from slamming shut or even unwanted liquid spills, a much-appreciated attention.

Respect Your Neighbour

Travel Etiquette: Canada's Pet Peeves

No one enjoys a stranger sleeping on their shoulder or using their tray table. Respect your seatmates by giving them their personal space. Watch for cues on whether they are up to it before you strike up a conversation; maybe they simply want to quietly watch a movie or doze off.

Be Nice to the Middle Guy

Travel Etiquette: Canada's Pet Peeves

If you’re in an aisle or window seat, why not treat the middle passenger to the armrests? We all hate that spot and try to avoid it. Being stuck in the middle should come with a perk of some kind, like armrest space!

Always Keep Right

When making your way to the luggage carousel, some passengers might be in a hurry, so keep right in the corridor and on escalators to prevent delays. You should also refrain from monopolizing the carousel until you see your luggage turn the corner!

Read the Fine Print’s study explains frustration for travellers is at its highest level when unplanned costs suddenly surface. Make sure you know what’s included and what’s not in the price of your ticket, especially if you’ve opted to fly with an airline that’s considered “no frills”; read the fine print for your tickets, checked-in and carry-on luggage policies, as well as refund and amendment terms and conditions.

No matter the trip, Canadians aren’t the only passengers fearing delays in transportation or being in the company of compulsive complainers! We all want a pleasant travel experience, but all it takes is one person to make or break the mood; why not lead the way by heeding these travel etiquette tips? Chances are others will follow and you’ll make everyone’s getaway more enjoyable.

And remember, wherever your next adventure takes you, even when travelling within Canada, don’t forget to secure travel insurance before you leave for a safe and unforgettable journey!