VIDEO: What’s Your Home Insurance IQ?

Do you know what affects your home insurance premium?

If it appears that your home is less likely to be damaged or destroyed, chances are, you are going to pay a lower premium for your home insurance: for example, if your house is next to a fire station or is equipped with a security system.

But what about the location of the neighbourhood? The exterior material? Or, the age of the home? was at the National Home Show in Toronto to find out if people really knew what can affect their home insurance premium. Check out the video above.

How Do I Get the Best Home Insurance Rate?

There are many factors, inside and outside the home, that go into calculating your rate. Best idea is to discuss what exactly is influencing it with your insurance provider. Not happy with your current premium? Shop around and compare! Like auto insurance, home insurance rates can vary from company to company. Within minutes, you can get a range of quotes at Our service is absolutely free and you won't get a cheaper price by going direct.