Watch: The Fastest Way to Commute in Toronto

Bike vs. car vs. public transit: Which mode of transportation wins the title of being "The Fastest Way to Commute in Toronto"?

To test congestion in Toronto via different forms of transit, conducted a race between three employees. All three were asked to race during rush hour, from the office to Casa Loma—a Toronto landmark—and back again, while still obeying all the rules of the road. Who came out on top? Bike? Car? Or public transit? Watch the video to find out.

The fastest route from the office to Casa Loma spans 4.3 kilometres, and for one of our racers it took just 34 minutes to complete the round-trip.

It should be noted that the race commenced at 3:30 p.m., and while there is no real defined time for afternoon “rush hour”, this is generally the start of evening peak travel in Toronto as people start to head home from work.

Calgary, Toronto and Montreal among top 20 best cities to drive

Though city centres are known to have more road congestion and longer-than-usual commute times, a recent study released by German online car parts company Kfzteile24 ranked Calgary, Toronto and Montreal among the top 20 best places to drive in the world.

This may come as a surprise to some—especially Montreal and Toronto drivers given how much time drivers in these two cities apparently spend on the road in congestion. A separate study by INRIX suggests that Montreal drivers spend 52 hours per year in congestion during peak hours, while Toronto drivers spend 46.

The Kfzteile24 study, however, took a look at more than road congestion. It examined the top 500 cities with the highest number of registered vehicles, and then narrowed it down to the 100 cities with the most traffic data. Congestion levels, public transit options, the average cost of parking, cost of fuel, average speed limits, levels of air pollution, the number of accidents and fatalities, road quality, and the frequency/perception of road rage were measured to determine the overall quality of driving.

Dusseldorf, Germany and Dubai topped the list, as Dusseldorf boosts one of the lowest congestion levels, and Dubai has some of the cheapest fuel costs. Kolkata, India came last on the list, scoring poorly in air pollution and public transit options, despite having the cheapest average cost of parking ($0.31 cents USD/hour).

Calgary ranked 10th on the list, followed by Montreal (13th) and Toronto (14th).

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