What’s Your Biggest Travel Pet Peeve?

Summer vacation is coming up for many Canadians and there is nothing more exciting to look forward to than a well-deserved trip. Sometimes however, the journey of getting to your destination is more than you bargained for, so in addition to packing your bags, travel insurance and itineraries, you best get ready to pack your patience too.

Expedia.ca recently released an airplane and hotel travel etiquette study, where they looked into the habits of travellers along with their greatest pet peeves. The following is a list of the poor passenger and guest behaviour that rankled travellers most.

  • Feet are not neat
    The airplane is not where you should go barefoot says a staggering 96 per cent of Canadian travellers. If you feel the need to free your toes, perhaps it’s best to wait until after you have arrived to your hotel room.
  • The seat bandit
    Fifty-three per cent of Canadians find the “seat bandit” to be unbearable. This is the person who kicks, bumps or grabs your seat a touch too much. Since everyone is packed in tightly, try to be mindful of your neighbour in front of you and use your leg room accordingly.

    On a related note, 12 per cent of travellers find the wrestling match over the armrest to be a source of frustration.

  • Aromatic passenger
    It’s good to smell nice but 48 per cent of Canadians find that there isn’t a need to wear an immense amount of cologne or perfume on a flight. Instead, wear fragrance for when you go out to a special event during your trip.
  • Child’s play
    Forty-one per cent of Canadians are annoyed by parents who allow their kids to be disruptive. Since travelling can be tough on a child, the best thing you could do is bring a quiet toy or device loaded with movies to keep your child busy during the flight.
  • Close talkers beware
    Planes are already confined and 37 per cent of Canadians are put off by passengers that don’t respect other travellers’ personal space. Although space is at a premium, try to keep your distance as best you can.
  • Music to your ears and your ears only
    Flights are ideal for listening to your favourite songs, but the music shouldn’t be heard by others around you says 25 per cent of Canadian travellers. Keep your volume at a reasonable level or risk facing the ire of your seatmate.

Travel taboos are not just limited to flight time, it includes hotel mannerisms as well. The survey also delves into what bugs travellers at hotels.

  • Stop bugging me
    Surprisingly, bed bugs offend Canadians less than going barefoot on an airplane. According to the survey, 80 per cent of Canadian travellers say they are bugged by bed bugs.
  • Hallway runners and talkers
    Hotel hallways are not soundproof and 47 per cent of Canadians feel it’s important to keep the chatter to a minimum. So, no matter how much of a rush you’re in, remember to avoid running and not to talk too loudly as it may disturb those who are in their room.
  • Earplugs needed
    In-room parties may be fun, but only for those invited. Forty-five per cent of Canadian hotel guests find the revelry to be annoying. Minimize the chance that the hotel manager will pay your room a visit and take the party elsewhere.
  • The parties stay at the events
    Partying while on vacation just adds to a great time spent on your trip. However, whatever happens at the party, stays at the party and shouldn’t be carried into the hotel. One-third of Canadian hotel guests say that party-goers should keep it down when coming and going to their festivities.
  • An inconvenient truth
    Most of us recognize that while there may be inconveniences that come along the way, some could be out the hotel’s or concierge’s control which is why 28 per cent say that travellers who complain too much about minor nuisances and berate hotel staff are a real downer.

Keep these travel etiquette tips in mind for your next trip and try not to let someone else’s poor behaviour get under your skin. You’re on vacation, it’s time to enjoy the trip.

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