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Car Insurance for your BMW

Known for its high-end performance sports cars, luxury and SUV vehicles, BMW is one of the most recognized vehicle brands worldwide. Founded in 1916, BMW initially built and supplied engines for aircraft and it wasn’t until 1923 when they produced their first motor vehicle the R 32, a motorcycle. Nine years later, they produced their first wholly designed and manufactured automobile, the BMW 3/20. This car was the first step for BMW in manufacturing a variety of different lines of vehicles that continues to this day.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that BMW’s brand started to expand by producing sports and luxurious vehicles. One of the first vehicles, the 501, was a large saloon, six-cylinder vehicle that could seat six people. According to BMW, it wasn’t a great seller but it was the first step for BMW in becoming a high-end vehicle manufacturer. Just ten years later, BMW’s 1500 model drew excitement at the Frankfurt Motor Show and ultimately exceeded the company’s production capacities. Its design was both sporty and compact, able to seat a family of five comfortably.

Today, BMW produces many vehicles that are available in Canada: The BMW X, i, and M-series as well as the series of vehicle models numbered 2 through 7. Whether it’s a sport, luxury, SUV, exotic, hybrid or plug-in vehicle you’re looking for, chances are BMW can accommodate your driving pleasure. In fact, with its 30 production locations across 14 countries, BMW (along with its MINI and Rolls Royce divisions) has delivered more than 2.4 million vehicles across all three vehicle brands worldwide and over 164 thousand motorcycles.

Of the wide variety of BMW models available for purchase in Canada today, it is the BMW 328 that is most commonly quoted at

  1. BMW 328 
  2. BMW 335 
  3. BMW 320i 
  4. BMW X3 
  5. BMW X5 
  6. BMW 323 
  7. BMW 325 
  8. BMW X1 
  9. BMW 330 
  10. BMW 528

The 3-series BMW models, in general, are the most popular taking up six out of the top 10 spots. Overall, the average BMW driver who compared auto insurance quotes at is 34-years-old and male. Of the BMW auto insurance quotes delivered, 81 per cent of quotes were for a male driver. The BMW X1 and X3 however, are the most popular BMWs with women.

Ways to save on your BMW auto insurance

No matter what type of BMW you own, or aspire to own, there are many ways you can save on your car insurance.

Shop around to find the cheapest auto insurance rate for your BMW 
Insurance rates differ from provider to provider and often change so it’s likely there’s a cheaper rate out there. Compare auto insurance quotes regularly, at least once a year, at to see which providers offer you the cheapest rate. Also, keep in mind that there are many times during the year, like if you move or change your commute, when you should shop your rate to make sure you’re still getting the best deal.

Telematics technology helps lower your premium 
A usage-based car insurance program monitors your driving habits and is used to help lower your rate; it cannot be used to increase what you pay for coverage. It takes into account how fast you accelerate and brake, the time of day you're typically on the road, trip duration, and speed, among other factors. You can usually save five to 10 per cent just for signing up, with additional savings of up to 25 per cent for good drivers.

Pursue auto insurance discounts that will help you save 
Many auto insurance providers offer discounts and here are some, that if available from your insurer, will likely help lower your BMW auto insurance premium: 

  • Your BMW is probably valuable, and the Preferred Parking discount program helps to lower your rate if you park your car in a private garage or driveway minimizing the risk of it being stolen or vandalized. 
  • Keep your BMW safe by installing approved anti-theft devices and you’ll be able to save on your rate. Newer BMWs may already have them pre-installed and your rate will already take that into account. 
  • Multi-car and multi-line auto insurance discounts could be offered to you if you have more than one car on the same policy, or if you insure both your BMW and property with the same company. 
  • The Good Student Discount may lower your rate if you have someone in your family who is doing well in school. 
  • Many things get better with age and some insurance providers offer retiree discounts for drivers who have hit certain milestone birthdays. There are many more discounts too, so make sure you ask about the discounts your insurer offers.  

Consider increasing the deductibles you’ve chosen for your BMW 
A portion of your insurance rate depends on how much you’re willing to pay as a deductible should you need to submit a claim. If you’re willing to take on a greater financial commitment, the less you’ll likely pay for your insurance premium. You could save anywhere from five to 10 per cent by switching from a $500 deductible to a $1,000 deductible. Just make sure the deductible you choose does not cause financial hardship should the worst happen and you need to make a claim. 

  • Did you know? You are likely to save money if you pay your premium all at once rather than paying monthly because some insurance companies charge extra to cover the cost of administering payments every month.

Maintain a clean driving record 
Your BMW auto insurance is largely determined by your driving record and every bit of savings helps to keep your rate low. A clean driving record is one of the major factors in keeping your premium cheap. Avoid traffic tickets and at-fault accidents as they are likely to increase your insurance premium for years. Tickets stay on your driving record for up to three years and accidents will stay on your record for at least six years. Drive carefully and be cautious at all times or you may end up paying more for your coverage.

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