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Interesting statistics about car insurance in Bracebridge

The following facts were compiled from Kanetix users:
  • The percentage of people in Bracebridge who have had one or more licence suspensions within the last 6 years: 1.72%
  • The average yearly price of vehicle insurance in Bracebridge, for drivers who lease: $1811
  • The average yearly price of vehicle insurance in Bracebridge for drivers who have had one or more vehicles stolen within the past six years: $960
  • The percentage of drivers in Bracebridge who have had accidents within the past 6 years: 7.40%
  • The average yearly price of vehicle insurance in Bracebridge, for drivers who own: $1761

Bracebridge car insurance information

Bracebridge, Ontario is a town located in the Muskoka District. A centre of tourism for the Muskoka area, and home to several historical sites, the town is shaped by its proximity to Lake Muskoka. Built around a waterfall on the Muskoka River in the centre of town, Bracebridge is also known for many of its nearby waterfalls.

The population in Bracebridge is approximately 15,652, but in the summer months it is known to increase in population as cottage goers flood the area. With many more drivers on the roads, traffic congestion and the potential for accidents and car theft increases.

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*60% of Kanetix customers in Ontario who participated in the survey said Kanetix helped them identify an average savings amount of $776.58 (December 1, 2015 - February 29, 2016) on their car insurance. The cited amount represents the average difference between the best quote obtained at and the current premium amount of participants in the survey. The savings amount varies by individual and does not constitute a guarantee; in each individual case, the difference may be smaller or greater than the savings amount cited.

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