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Find the best business credit cards in Canada with the Kanetix Credit Cards Comparison Service. Easily compare a variety of different business credit cards for self-employed individuals to help you track your business expenses. Apply online today to start taking advantage of all the great business credit card benefits!

Why get a business credit card?

The business credit card comparison service offers free information on the best business cards out available. A business card not only has the necessary reporting to help you track your business expenses but can also offer great rewards (i.e. travel rewards, cashback, etc.). A business credit card is a card that should be used only for your business. It is usually a better choice to get a personal credit card (if you don't have one already) if you'd like to use a card for personal expenses as well. While you may choose to use one credit card for both your personal as well as business expenses it can create a big headache for your accountant come tax time. Therefore, it's recommended to keep personal and business expenses separate.

Business credit cards Canada

Browse for a wide variety of great Canadian business credit card offers. Carefully read all the credit card information for details on rates, fees, and features. Figure out whether you'll be carrying a  balance and what limit you'll need for your business. It's also good to think ahead of time whether you'll require more than one card if the business has several employees. Once you're ready to make your selection, apply directly with the credit card provider by submitting an online application.

Before applying for a business card, make sure you're aware of all its features. Is it a charge card, or can you carry a monthly balance on it? Note that a charge card must be paid off fully every month. Often both your personal credit history as well as the history of the business is examined before a Canada business credit card company can grant approval. Running a business is filled with unpredictability so it is increasingly important to maintain a level of financial discipline in order to ride the ups and survive the downs of the business cycle. This could include using your card for business expenses only, and ensuring you have sufficient cash flows to meet the payment obligations.

It's also important to take care of your credit history by making sure your payments are received on time. This will help ensure a good credit score. You may want to explore our credit score calculator to see where you stand.

You can learn more about other credit card matters through our credit card information centre  through articles like: What's in a credit card? and Top 10 ways to save money with your credit card. has the card to meet your business needs. Compare cards today and view the best credit cards on the market!

A business has unique needs that should be accommodated by a unique credit card designed specifically for it. A business credit card helps businesses of all sizes effectively manage their cash flows and conveniently pay for business related expenses. offers credit cards, many with very low interest rates from a variety of credit card companies, including the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card which can be used as both a corporate credit card as well as a small business credit card.

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