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Own a business? Make sure you are covered with business insurance.

Are you a business owner of a building, store, or restaurant? Perhaps you’re a freelancer or contractor working in landscaping, information technology, health care or another field? If so, you will need business insurance. Business coverage is available for a wide variety of professional occupations and an even wider variety of trades, services, manufacturing, processing and retail establishments. No matter what your business, or its size, it's worth taking a minute to find not only the least expensive business insurance rates but also the most appropriate coverage.

What is business insurance?

Business insurance (also known as commercial insurance) is a contract between the business owner(s) and an insurance company, whereby the business policyholder(s) pay a set premium, and the company agrees to pay for any related losses as outlined in the commercial policy.

Depending on your needs, a business insurance policy may include the following:

  • Commercial general liability coverage: For claims against your business for bodily injury or property damage.
  • Commercial property coverage: For your commercial property, contents, equipment, stock or office.

You work hard to ensure your business's success. You never know when your business can be affected by an event that is out of your control. With business coverage, you protect everything you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Business insurance 101:

There are a number of different types of business policies. Three common types are:

Commercial property may include building coverage, contents coverage, stock coverage, and equipment coverage against physical loss or damage. Commercial property can be paired with Business Interruption coverage too which can offset income you may lose while you're shut down as a result of an insured loss.

Commercial property has many meanings; it could mean a physical building you rent out to tenants, it could be a physical building you own and use for your own business purposes, or it could mean the equipment, tools, stock, or inventory of your business.

Commercial general liability insurance, or CGL, is coverage that will protect your business in the event that you are sued. It is often used to cover claims against your business for bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage. For those who rent or lease their workspace, it may also provide coverage-depending on the circumstances-if you are responsible for damage to that workplace.

Commercial general liability insurance is not Professional Liability insurance (errors and omissions).

Get a quote for commercial general liability (CGL) insurance.

Professional liability insurance or Errors and omissions insurance is especially important to professionals who work with clients who could claim that something that you or your company did on their behalf was done wrong, costing them money or causing them harm.

Get errors and omissions business insurance quotes.

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