Car insurance rates vary across Hamilton, with some areas being as much as 28 per cent higher than the provincial average.

In Ontario, the average car insurance rate is $1,441 with Hamilton sitting 19 per cent higher at $1,739. However, insurance rates vary across Hamilton, and depending on where you live some areas are more expensive than others.

Downtown by the water, rates are the highest with an average of $1,908. This is 28 per cent higher than the provincial average, and roughly nine per cent higher than Hamilton's average.

Rates are lower towards Dundas and Ancaster, with average rates sitting at $1,544. The cheapest rates can be found near Miles Road and Rymal Road E. Rates there average $1,492, about 15 per cent lower than the city average and 24 per cent lower than the downtown average. In the surrounding region, rates average $1,534.

Midtown and towards Stoney Creek, rates tend to sit slightly above the city average at $1,753.

How Auto Insurance Rates Vary Across Hamilton

The below graphic shows how car insurance rates vary across Hamilton.

All rates were determined using Kanetix's "InsuraMap tool", which aggregates insurance rate data by postal codes to determine average insurance rates. Rates are based on a 35-year-old driver with a clean driving record.

Car Insurance Rates In Hamilton Have Dropped

Data pulled earlier this year showed the average car insurance rate in Hamilton was $1,987 and the provincial average was $1,538. But rates have gone down. On average, annual car insurance rates have decreased $250 in Hamilton.

Why Do Auto Insurance Rates Vary So Much?

You can expect to pay higher rates if you live or work in more densely populated areas. With more cars on the road, you're more likely to get into a collision or have to file a claim.

Rates also increase if your neighbourhood is prone to higher levels of crime or fraud, such as break-ins and auto theft. The Hamilton and Brantford census metropolitan areas are home to more break-ins and car thefts than anywhere else in Ontario, according to Statistics Canada. This prompted Hamilton Police to launch a "lock it or lose it" campaign in February reminding drivers to lock their vehicles, make sure windows are rolled up, that keys are out of the ignition, and valuables are out of sight.

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