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Find the best cash back credit cards in Canada with the Kanetix Credit Card Comparison Service. Want a credit card that will actually put cash in your pocket for using it?! Apply online for a cash back credit card today and start receiving rebates for simply making purchases with your card.

Why get a cash back credit card?

If you tend to use credit cards  frequently and/or for purchasing big ticket items a cashback credit card can be the right choice for you. Generally the more you use the card, the larger  the cash back rebate that you will receive. If you tend to value receiving a cash rebate more than accumulating travel points, a cash back credit card is likely the best rewards card for you. However, one credit card may not be enough for you so feel free to combine it with another card that may have different rewards/benefits.

The cashback credit card is often a great alternative for individuals that don't travel enough to take advantage of a travel rewards card. Many prefer to receive rewards in cash in order to have the flexibility to choose how to spend it. Whatever your situation may be, consider getting a cash back credit card as your primary card.

Cash back credit cards Canada

Canadians interested in obtaining a new credit card should browse all of our cash back credit card offers while paying close attention to details like potential credit card fees to ensure you're choosing the best credit card for you. Once you've made up your mind, click on 'APPLY ONLINE' to directly submit a credit card application with the card issuer. Make sure to also think of how much of a credit card limit you want on your card. The Canada cash back card issuer will contact you directly to let you know whether you've been approved.

Make sure you are aware of how the cashback feature works on your card - there may be different tiers of cash back, depending on your level of spending or where you use the card,  as well as caps on how much cash you're able to earn. Every card is different so make sure you read all the card benefits and can make an informed decision. Some cash back credit cards have an annual fee however don't let this deter you from obtaining the card. You can often earn significantly more cash back than the annual fee you end of paying for having the card.

One important thing to always keep in mind is financial discipline. Don't spend excessively simply to earn rewards and cash back. Remember that an interest rate applies on any unpaid balance. Staying disciplined while maximizing cash back through effective spending is not an easy thing to master but it's worth it, because many credit cards require a good credit history to be accepted. If you're in doubt about your credit history, it's wise to check your credit report and find out your credit score. You can also estimate your credit score by using our free credit score calculator. If you don't have a great credit history, perhaps a secured credit card may be more appropriate.

We invite you to visit the credit card information section of our website if you need more information on any aspect of credit card ownership, with articles like: How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Credit Card Fraud and many others. If you don't understand a word or phrase, you can look it up in our credit card glossary.

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We have cards from a variety of credit card companies and providers including Scotia and MBNA - both Visa & MasterCard credit cards are available.. Each card has unique features and different cash back benefits. The best cash back credit cards await you at

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