Seniors Car Insurance Savings What are you doing for Seniors Day, this October 1? would like to invite you, or the over 65s in your life, to compare car insurance rates online for an opportunity to save close to a grand.

Senior Car Insurance Savings: An Online Opportunity Being Missed?

Even though seniors are looking to the Internet more and more, a 2013 Statistics Canada report suggests that just 48 per cent of Canadians 65 or older went online the previous year. That's a whole lot of people who, because they don't go online in general, could be missing out on saving money.

Consider this: customers save an average of $750 when they compare car insurance quotes at Kanetix to what they currently pay. That's because car insurance rates often change, and the insurer that once offered you the best rate may not offer it now. This Seniors Day, compare car insurance quotes to see if a lower car insurance premium can be yours because no one should overpay for their insurance when it's so easy to compare rates online and shop around.

"But, I'll Lose My Loyalty Discount!"

Everyone is fearful of losing their loyalty discount. And it's true, loyalty can result in a great car insurance rate, but don't let the idea of being loyal to an insurance company cost you the opportunity to save a lot more elsewhere.

Most car insurance companies have a loyalty program. Depending on the company, it might be a set discount applied to a policy so long as it's renewed, or it might be a discount that gradually increases the longer you're with the company. These tiered discounts are one way insurers keep policyholders interested in staying with them because of the reward of a lower rate on the horizon. But why look to the horizon for a lower rate, when a lower car insurance rate could be available today?

  • Did you know some insurers offer a seniors discount (or mature drivers discount)? If available, this discount could save you as much as 10 per cent.

"I'm Worried About Giving out My Information."

Security and privacy is a priority at Security and privacy at Kanetix are, and always has been, a priority. That's why only the questions needed to provide an accurate car insurance quote are asked, and these questions are all answered in a secure environment. How do you know it's secure? It's all in the browser address field. Look for a locked padlock next to the company's website address as well as https.

Privacy matters to our customers and it matters to Kanetix. Our privacy policy is reviewed annually and is accessible at the bottom of every page on the site.

Car Insurance Is a Big Expense, See If You Could Pay Less for It

Car insurance can account for a big chunk of your regular expenses, and if left unchecked, it's easy to overpay for it. Know for certain that you're getting the best deal possible. Compare quotes at from many of Canada's top, big name, auto insurers to see if you can lower your car insurance bill today

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