Celebrity Insurance - Insuring Body Parts

Celebrities who have insured their body parts.

It's TIFF time and there's a whole lot of celebrities coming to Toronto for the festivities, including (hopefully) Canada's own Rachel McAdams. But wait, what does Rachel McAdams have to do with celebrities insuring their body parts, you might ask?

Well, if you've ever watched the movie Mean Girls, there's a classic line in it about Rachel McAdams' character Regina George. When asked how to explain Regina George, one student—a mathalete—says, "I hear her hair's insured for $10,000." Yes, the rumour is about a fictional character in a movie, but as rumours about insuring body parts go, this one is pretty tame compared to the insurance policies some celebrities are rumoured to have taken out on their assets.

Celebrity insurance

It's no great surprise that celebrities have to take care of themselves. Musicians have to ensure they're able to perform, actors need to keep up their appearance for the big (or small) screen, and athletes must be in peak physical condition. How then do these titans of pop culture—or more likely, the companies whose products they're endorsing—ensure their physical assets are protected? Why insurance, of course. Or at least, that's the rumour.

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