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Car insurance in Charlottetown

You need car insurance to operate a vehicle in Canada, and Charlottetown is no exception; it's the law. Rates change, and there's no law that requires you to overpay for your car insurance. A great way to ensure you get the best rate is to shop around. Just because you're happy with the rate you currently have, doesn't mean you can't get a great rate elsewhere.

The basics of your Charlottetown car insurance policy

In Charlottetown, there are mandatory and optional coverages available to drivers. The following are the mandatory coverages needed to be on the road in Charlottetown:
  • Third Party Liability: Protects you if you cause a collision resulting in injuries or fatalities, or damages to someone else's property. Minimum required liability coverage is $200,000, but most drivers in PEI opt for $1 million.
  • Accident Benefits: May cover you (or anyone else entitled to this benefit under your policy) if you're involved in an accident regardless of who is at fault. This could include medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, loss of income, funeral expenses and possibly death benefits.
  • Direct Compensation - Property Damage: Covers repairs to your vehicle if you're involved in a collision in which you're not entirely at fault and at least one other driver involved is also insured in PEI. Amount payable varies depending on the extent of your involvement. (Mandatory as of October 2015)
  • Uninsured Automobile Coverage: Covers you if you're involved in a collision with an uninsured driver or unidentified vehicle (coverage does not include damages to your vehicle caused by a hit-and-run, but does include recovery damages if you're seriously injured).
Optional coverages can be added to your Charlottetown car insurance policy to ensure that you're protected in the way you expect to be covered. The two most common optional coverages are:
  • Specified perils: This covers losses against named risks such as fire or theft.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This covers you against specified perils as well as damage to your vehicle caused by fire, theft and vandalism.

What goes into your Oshawa car Insurance rate?

Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.), Canada's smallest province, has only two cities: Charlottetown and Summerside. About 35,000 people live in Charlottetown, the province's capital, according to the 2011 census.

The average age of drivers shopping for car insurance at from Charlottetown is 39 and male drivers (64%) exceed females (36%) by a substantial margin. While looking for the best insurance coverage, it will become evident to car drivers in Charlottetown that rates are dependent on a few factors. Among the most common are where you live in Charlottetown, your commute, the car you drive, and your driving history.

Where you live in Oshawa

Your car insurance rates can differ postal code to postal code, even if it's just down the street. Where you live does impact the chances of getting in an accident. Some roads and intersections are more dangerous to drive on than others. It's dependent on design and maintenance or even proximity to the highway. Also, certain areas are more prone to acts of crime. Insurance companies are quite thorough in examining statistics that have any bearing on rates.

Your commute

Reports show that approximately 90 per cent of commuters drive to work in Charlottetown and only a small amount use the transit system. The slim minority who do use public transportation may be entitled to a rate reduction in auto insurance. Those with longer commutes, on the other hand, may have slightly more to pay for insurance because of increased risk of accidents due to more time spent on the roads and highways.

The car you drive in Oshawa

As you already know, the make, model and age of your car affects the cost of your insurance policy.

There are many variables insurance firms evaluate to make an accurate assessment of what you should pay. Theft statistics, repair costs, and safety ratings are all carefully examined before setting the car insurance rate.

The Honda Civic places first place on the top 10 cars in Canada. It's no surprise that the Honda Civic is listed as the most popular car in Charlottetown. Those shopping for rates on, name the Toyota Corolla as the second most commonly insured automobile followed by the Volkswagen Jetta. The Hyundai Elantra and the Ford Focus finished in fourth and fifth spot in terms of car popularity in the city of Charlottetown.

Your driving history

Drivers who make safety a primary goal and take pains to keep their records free of traffic tickets, charges or infractions will reap certain rewards from insurance companies in the overall price they pay. Those less fortunate with a few claims and a couple of fender benders will not fare as well.

Just over a third of (36%) of all drivers in Charlottetown have had at least one car accident, as shown from the information gathered when they completed quotes. Slightly more drivers (42%), report that they have received at least one ticket. The gender difference is slight, with 42 per cent of males and 40 per cent of female drivers reporting that they've had at least one ticket.

Drive safely and save

With an annual snowfall of 114 inches (290 cm), Charlottetown drivers would do well to install snow tires to avoid any hazardous driving conditions that winter may bring. As it turns out, 91 percent of visitors from Charlottetown say they install snow tires, a recommendation made by the Department of Transportation.

Many also choose to use studded tires in Charlottetown for extra traction. In P.E.I. this is allowed between October 1 and May 31 each year.

Approximately 26 per cent of Charlottetown drivers also indicate they use some form of roadside assistance. A slight discount is sometimes offered by insurance companies to customers who use these programs, so drivers should consult with their providers to make sure it's applied.

Approximately 26 per cent of Charlottetown drivers also indicate they use some form of roadside assistance. A slight discount is sometimes offered by insurance companies to customers who use these programs, so drivers should consult with their providers to make sure it's applied.

Discounts can help you save

Have you considered combining your insurance needs into one package and using the same provider? This is an excellent strategy to save money. Insurance companies reward this type of loyalty with hefty discounts and it becomes a good negotiation point every time you renew.

While obtaining quotes on, nearly half (49%) of Charlottetown insurance shoppers indicate they are interested in pursuing multi-line discount from their current insurance provider.

It's always advisable for insurance customers to inquire about other discounts before signing up for a policy. You will find out that having extra security equipment in your garage or anti-theft devices in your car qualifies for a discount. Completing a driver's training course, being a senior driver or even getting good grades in school are all legitimate means for a cost reduction in your insurance.

Shop around to see if you can save money

Compare rates regularly to ensure you're getting the best price for your car insurance coverage. Compare rates annually at renewal, but also if your situation changes like when you get married (or divorced), move, buy a new car, add drivers to your policy (like your teen), get a ticket, are involved in a collision, change jobs or retire. These are all ideal times when you should shop around to see if you can get a lower car insurance rate .

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CAA Insurance$767
TD Insurance $1431
Range of top quotes$664
2009, NISSAN, VERSA 1.8 SL 5DR
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TD Insurance $2223
Range of top quotes$1252
CAA Insurance$767
TD Insurance $1494
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CAA Insurance$888
TD Insurance $2125
Range of top quotes$1237
CAA Insurance$1206
TD Insurance $2260
Range of top quotes$1054
2009, ACURA, CSX 4DR
CAA Insurance$881
TD Insurance $1705
Range of top quotes$824
2008, SUZUKI, SX4 5DR
CAA Insurance$856
TD Insurance $1746
Range of top quotes$890

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