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Insurance For Honda Civic vs Ford Focus

If you are in the market for a new car, Honda holds a status of being reliable and dependable. Their reputation is built on producing high quality vehicles with the latest technological features. The same can be said for the Ford Focus. Both brands produce innovative cars with exhilarating performance. Style is a huge part in driving, which is why both cars are designed with a sleek sculpted look and clean lines. While a number of features are similar between the two cars, there is a bit of a difference between the two creations, making each of them unique.

What is the difference between the Honda Civic and the Ford Focus?

The Honda Civic comes in many models, but no matter what model of the Civic you chose, you are guaranteed a quality vehicle. The Honda Civic (which is also available as a hybrid) has been Canada's best- selling car for 17 years. Just like the Civic, the Focus has a variety you can choose from, 7 models including a sedan, hatchback and even an electric Ford Focus.

The Honda Civic starts at $15,750 while the Ford Focus starts at around $16,799.

What about insurance for Honda Civic vs Ford Focus? Is there a difference?

Many people think that the higher the cost of the car, the higher the insurance will be. This is not true all of the time. Other than the type and model of your car, there are many details taken into consideration when it comes to calculating your car insurance rate, including:

You cannot determine the insurance rate on the price of the car alone. Since many different concerns can influence your rate, everyone will get a different result. For example, for a 35-year old driver with a clean driving and insurance history, insurance for a Honda Civic vs a Ford Focus came in about $50 cheaper, on average (the Honda Civic came in slightly less to insure year).

Keep in mind, every driver and vehicle is different, this is simply an estimation. That's why it's important to get insurance quotes before you buy. With just a few details, you'll have a number of insurance quotes from different insurance companies for as many vehicles as you'd like. Being able to compare insurance quotes online is a real time saver and knowing about how much your insurance rate will be, allows you to budget for the insurance you'll need.