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Nissan Leaf Vs Toyota Prius Insurance

If you are on the hunt for a new car but want something that is easy on the environment and your wallet, you might be interested in the Nissan Leaf or the Toyota Prius. The Nissan Leaf is a car that is 100% electric. Not only is it a planet friendly car, but completely ends the need to pump gas ever again. The Toyota Prius has the same eco-friendly principle. It's plug-in version combines both hybrid and electric technology and can leave you smiling knowing that you don't need to swing by the gas station for short-range commuting. Both cars are designed to protect the environment and help you save money at the pumps.

What is the difference between the Nissan Leaf vs Toyota Prius?

Both eco-friendly cars provide seating capacity for five. The Nissan Leaf starts at $31,998 while the Prius plug-in starts at $35,905. That is a difference of about $4,000. In addition to the price difference, other differences between the Nissan Leaf vs Toyota Prius plug-in include:

Nissan Leaf vs Toyota Prius insurance: Which costs more to insure?

When it comes to your car insurance costs, there are a lot of details that affect how much you'll pay. Details such as where you live, how often you use the car, your driving record, your driving and insurance history, the likelihood the car will be stolen and whether or not there are other drivers who are to be listed on the policy will matter. With all these details taken into consideration, everyone's insurance is different.

But, to give you an idea, insurance quotes for a 35-year old driver with a no tickets or accidents (a clean driving and insurance history) showed that there was essentially no difference in what you could end up paying; the difference between the Nissan Leaf vs. Toyota Prius insurance costs came in on average just $6 different with the Prius being the one that was slightly lesser to insure.