Money may not bring happiness, but it seems to bring bad driving habits

If I had a 100K, I'd have a lot of bad driving habits. At least that seems to be what's shown with the results of our poll where we asked drivers across Canada "What are your worst driving habits?"

More than any other income group (<$40K, $40K-$59K, $60K-$79K, $80K-$99K), the $100,000 Club ranked #1 in 7 of the 12 categories. The 100K club had the highest percentage of respondents answer, yes, this was a bad habit:

Bad Habit 100K Club Compare to the lowest at:
Consuming food/beverages 47.1% 29.9%
Speeding 46% 27.6%
Talking on cell phone 17% 8%
Texting on cell phone 12.7% 10.3%
Road rage 13.5% 7.3%
Failing to signal 11.5% 7.2%
Weaving in and out of traffic 9.5% 4.6%

Perfectly bad

Not surprisingly, those in the 100K club were least likely to say they're a perfect driver. Where 18.8 per cent of survey respondents thought themselves the perfect driver, only 13 per cent of the 100K club did.

Bad behaviour will cost you

Bad driving habits often lead to unsafe driving practices which can often result in a ticket. Safety comes first, of course, but don't forget that bad driving habits (and their potential outcomes) can seriously impact your car insurance. Drivers without tickets or accidents pay less for car insurance. It's that simple.

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