From applying make-up to speeding, Canadian drivers admit to their bad driving habits (at least some of us do)

A recent poll by (conducted by Leger Marketing) showed that eight in 10 Canadian motorists admit to having at least one bad driving habit.

Now, some of you might be asking yourself, who are the two in 10 that don't have any bad habits to speak of? And, what are the most common bad driving behaviours? We certainly did.

Let's start with the most common bad habits:

The most popular bad driving habit-eating food or drinking beverages while behind the wheel-is committed by 2 in 5 drivers on the roads, followed closely by speeding, admitted to by 1 in 3 drivers.

On camera confessions

Kanetix took to the streets of Toronto to see what drivers would admit to, on camera, about their own bad driving habits.

Some drivers, who did not wish to appear on camera, said they regularly fiddled with the radio or CD player to find their favourite music station or tune. While others simply felt they were the ideal driver with no faults to confess.

Breaking the habit

By definition, a habit is "a settled or regular tendency or practice". The problem with bad driving habits is that they are often associated with unsafe driving. How we choose to behave while driving could have serious consequences. Safety comes first, of course, but don't forget the affect that bad driving habits (and their potential consequences) can have on your car insurance. Drivers without tickets or accidents pay less for car insurance. It's that simple.

Kick the bad driving habits to the curb, be a safer driver, and pay less for insurance while you're at it.

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