One in five drivers are perfect

One in five. That's how many drivers out there claim they're perfect; no bad habits to speak of. Did you LOL when you read that too?

What does the perfect driver look like?

We have no idea; we've never seen one. But according to the survey, you're more likely to see one in Quebec. Twenty-seven per cent of Quebec drivers claimed they had no bad habits. And oddly (to those who live outside of Ontario), Ontario drivers were the least boastful with only 15 per cent saying they were perfect.

Where the perfect drivers live

Perfect drivers can be found across Canada apparently, just maybe not in your neighbourhood.

  • 26.8 per cent of Quebec drivers said they were perfect,
  • 21.6 per cent of drivers in Atlantic Canada did too,
  • 17.3 per cent of Albertans believe they've got no bad habits,
  • 16 per cent of Manitoba and Saskatchewan drivers think they've got nothing to admit, as did those from British Columbia, and
  • 14.9 per cent of Ontario drivers believe their above reproach when it comes to their driving tendencies.

Better with age?

Maybe, maybe not; but clearly age plays a factor in a driver's confidence. In fact, a driver's belief in their perfection grew with age. Clearly, confidence is well instilled when a driver hits Freedom 55.

  • 12.9 per cent of drivers aged 18-34
  • 14.4 per cent of drivers aged 35-44
  • 15.3 per cent of drivers aged 45-54
  • 25.5 per cent of drivers aged 55-64
  • 30.4 per cent of drivers aged 65+

Yes, dear

Women, more than men, feel they have no bad habits (at least none they were willing to admit to). At 20.7 per cent, women were more likely to say they were a perfect driver compared to men at 16.9 per cent. All we can say to that is, yes dear.

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