Does your marital status affect how you drive?

In short, yes. Your marital status does affect how you drive and the bad habits you do while driving. But don't rush into marriage (or a divorce) just yet; because although the grass is sometimes greener on the other side-strictly talking about driving bad habits here-each group has its patch of crab grass.

The following is a cheeky look at the differences between single and married drivers' bad habits:

Bad driving behaviour Single drivers Married drivers What's up with that?
Consuming food/beverages 33.3% 40.8% Married point of view (POV): Date night
Speeding 44.2% 34.4% Single POV: No one giving the "look".
Texting 22.6% 9.3% Single POV: Talking to myself is so one-sided.
Road rage 16.7% 9.8% Married POV: Why yell at others, when I can yell at my passenger instead?
Failing to signal 7.4% 10.1% Married POV: Too busy yelling at my passenger to remember to signal.
Weaving in & out of traffic 9.7% 6.7% Married POV: Weaving only leads to the "look"-it's just easier this way.

What's up with that? Bad habits = Unsafe driving.

Despite our attempt at humour, the fact is that a bad driving habit is often associated with unsafe driving. How we choose to behave while driving could have serious consequences. Safety comes first, of course, but don't forget that bad driving habits (and their potential consequences) can seriously impact your car insurance. Drivers without tickets or accidents pay less for auto insurance. It's that simple.

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