Have you ever seen a car, like an Aston Martin (007's favourite car maker) or a Porche Carrera, drive by and think to yourself that you probably couldn't even afford the insurance on a car like that? You might be surprised to learn that the car insurance rates on these exotic, really high-end, cars are surprisingly affordable, even if the car is not.

Expensive rides, reasonable car insurance rates?

Just for fun, online car insurance quotes* were obtained for a fictitious driver in Toronto on Kanetix.ca to see how much it might cost to insure a 2013 Aston Martin Vantage Roadster and 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera. Incredible cars to be sure, they range in price from a modest $100,000 to over $200,000.

So what about the insurance? Well, the lowest insurance quote for the Aston Martin came in at $2,350 per year and just over $2,100 for the Porche Carrera. The insurance on these cars is surprisingly more affordable than you would have thought, isn't it?

Of course these were the lowest quotes, however a whole range of quotes were obtained and the highest quotes might be more in line with what you think these cars typically insure for: almost $8,315 for the Aston Martin and just slightly over $7,980 for the Porsche. (Note to drivers: see how car insurance prices can range? Make sure you're getting the best car insurance rate and compare quotes.)

Why so reasonably priced?

Part of the reason these rates might seem so reasonable is because of our driver. Our 35-year-old fictitious driver has an impeccable driving record; no accidents, no tickets, no claims of any kind. Add to this scenario over 15 years of driving and insurance history and you have the ideal driver to be seated behind the wheel of one of these cars.

That isn't to deny of course that these vehicles are probably rated higher than most you'll find on the road. But ask yourself, if you owned one:

  • Where would you park it?
  • How carefully would you drive?
  • How often would you drive it?
  • Would you drive it all year round?
Chances are you would take every precaution. You would likely park it in a secured, private garage; take special care while driving it; reserve its use for special occasions (no grocery store runs); and it would likely never see anything that closely resembled precipitation (rain or snow.)

No matter what you drive, never overpay for insurance

Of course, most people who can afford to own one of these cars can also afford the insurance to drive it. But smart drivers - no matter what they drive - make certain they don't overpay for their insurance coverage. After all, you can see how much being with the wrong insurer can cost you; there's almost a $6,000 difference between the lowest and highest quote for the Aston Martin and about a $5,800 difference for the Porsche.

Compare auto insurance rates today from competing insurers to make certain you're paying the lowest rate you can for the wheels you drive.

Looking for a more affordable ride?

* Quotes were obtained in May 2013 and include both collision and comprehensive coverage with typical deductibles. Insurers, however, may require higher deductibles for these high-valued vehicles which would actually decrease the rate quoted.

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