Vehicle accidents happen frequently, and unfortunately, many of them could be avoided if drivers would simply pay more attention and avoid unnecessary distractions. While drinking and driving is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous combinations when it comes to car crashes, distracted driving also plays a huge role. There are many different forms of distracted driving, and some of the most common include texting, talking on cell phones, applying makeup, unruly children in the vehicle, being tired while driving, and eating while behind the wheel. It is important for all drivers to be able to focus when they are driving, whether it is on rural country roads, neighborhood streets, or the highway. While not all vehicle accidents are a direct result of distraction, the numbers are increasing.

Eating while driving can be very distracting. Many people find themselves in a rush to get out the door in the morning and choose to eat breakfast behind the wheel. Others stop at a fast-food restaurant and eat their lunch or dinner when they are driving. Texting is very similar to eating while driving in the sense that both can cause you not only to stop looking at the road but can also mentally distract you from the task at hand as well. Spilling food or drink can cause the driver to look down or away from the road and poses a serious hazard to other drivers. Opening up packets of food or digging into food bags is another way people can be distracted. Perhaps you want to add some ketchup to that burger or dip some French fries in it. All of these are just a few examples of how eating behind the wheel can become dangerous. By simply waiting until you get to your destination to eat or by stopping and going inside a restaurant to eat a meal, you can potentially avoid an automobile accident that can cause pain and suffering for yourself, your passengers, and others.

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