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Protect your business with errors and omissions insurance. Financial protection for professionals. currently helps professionals in Ontario and Alberta get quotes for the errors and omissions insurance they need. Also known as E & O, or Professional Liability, this type of insurance is designed to provide you financial protection should a client claim that due to a professional error, omission or negligence on your part they experienced a financial loss. It is most often purchased by professionals like accountants, lawyers, IT consultants, engineers, real estate professionals, architects, bookkeepers, travel agents, financial advisors, and health care professionals like X-ray technicians, podiatrists and kinesiologists to name just a few.

What is professional liability insurance?

Also known as errors and omissions or professional's insurance, this type of coverage is designed to provide you financial protection should a client claim that they experienced a financial loss due to a professional error, mistake, omission or negligent act on your part while providing them with professional services for which you were hired. For health care professionals not covered by a medical association (like X-ray technicians, podiatrists, and kinesiologists) professional liability insurance is often referred to as medical malpractice.

Too often professional liability, or errors and omissions insurance, is confused with a commercial general liability (CGL) insurance. A CGL policy does not typically provide coverage for professional liability; in fact it is often specifically excluded.

If you are looking for commercial general liability, instead of errors & omissions, you can also compare commercial general liability quotes too.

Who should have professional liability insurance? 

Professional Liability or Professional's insurance is especially important to professionals who work with clients who could claim that something that you or your company did on their behalf was done wrong, costing them money or causing them harm.

Basically, any person, company or partnership that provides professional services to a customer for a fee should consider having errors & omissions coverage. Often, having E&O is required to obtain or maintain a professional designation.

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