How do I add a driver to my quote?

The Kanetix® website is able to provide quotes for up to four licensed drivers and three automobiles in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec. In other provinces, you may be limited to two drivers and two automobiles.

On the Driver Details page (the first step after you have entered your postal code) the last question is "Would you like to add another driver to this quote?". By answering yes to this question, a new 'tabbed' driver page will appear so you can enter the driver details of an extra driver. Repeat until all the drivers have been entered.

If you've already got a quote and want to add a driver, login to your saved details and select 'Review Quote' to return to your list of quotes. On this page, you'll see near the top a link titled "Driver Details". If you place your cursor over this link you'll see the option to Modify. Select this Modify button to return to the Driver Details page where you can, at the bottom, answer yes to the question for adding a driver.

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