Can I get an insurance quote for my cottage, chalet or other seasonal home?

If you're not looking to insure your primary residence, getting insurance for your cottage or seasonal home can be challenging. Many companies are unwilling to cover a cottage or seasonal home on a standalone basis. That being said, most will provide coverage as an extension of your primary home insurance package where it is generally listed on your policy as a "Secondary" or "Seasonal" property.

Online property quotes for primary residences--which includes homeowners, condo, or if you rent, tenants insurance coverage--are available online through Kanetix®. Simply enter your postal code to get started.

Once you get your quotes, we will be happy to connect you with the insurer whose quote interests you most. Once in contact with the insurer, discuss your additional property insurance needs with them. They will likely then be able to adjust your coverage and quote accordingly.

Alternatively, you can:
  • Call your current home insurance provider for a revised property insurance quote that includes coverage for a seasonal residence.
  • Visit the website of the Insurance Directory at This website includes listings for insurance agents across Canada and will hopefully help you connect with someone that can provide you the assistance you need.

Kanetix is an online insurance shopping service and, more specifically is not an insurance company or brokerage. This response is believed to be accurate at the time of publication, but keep in mind that each person's situation is unique. In addition, this information is subject to change and Kanetix is not responsible for any damages caused as a result of the information included in this response. As such, always check with an insurance provider, or the proper authority, for terms and conditions that may apply to you specifically as the information may vary depending on your insurer, geographic location, and particular individual circumstances.

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