I'm moving to Canada from the US. How do I get car insurance?

There are a couple items you should bring with you that will make it easier to get insurance in Canada. The first is an original copy of a letter from your current insurer including details of your claims experience. The second is a copy of your Driver's Abstract (you should be able to get this from your state motor vehicle department). Having both these items will help you get coverage and the best premium available.

Learn more about Letters of Experience.

However, you should know most Canadian insurance companies will not offer coverage if you do not have a driver's licence from the province where you are going to live. There may be exceptions however, so you will want to do some research. In the meantime, the following will help you look into how you can go about exchanging your current driver's licence for a licence from your new province of residence: If you're interested in seeing the type of rates you could expect to pay once you have your Canadian licence, complete the quote questionnaire for quotes.

If moving to British Columbia, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, contact the government insurance provider in that province. If you're bringing your vehicle with you from the States, then you'll have to look into changing your car's registration and licence plates. The rules for each province are different and you should check what's required in your new province of residence to register your vehicle (e.g. emissions test). The following is a list of provincial government websites for more information on vehicle licensing.

Lastly, you should also give the FAQ, "I'm moving to Canada. How do I get car insurance?" a read. It contains additional helpful information.

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