How do I know what auto coverage to choose?

The Kanetix® quote shopping service makes sure your quote includes all the mandatory coverages legally required in your province. The others are optional and should be selected based on your individual needs.

You can always refer to your existing auto policy for some hints, or you can try our Auto Coverage Calculator. It will assess your needs and can help you determine if you require any additional coverage other than those included in the basic policy. Also, you'll want to confirm your choices with a licensed insurance representative when you purchase your policy.

Kanetix is an online insurance shopping service and, more specifically is not an insurance company or brokerage. This response is believed to be accurate at the time of publication, but keep in mind that each person's situation is unique. In addition, this information is subject to change and Kanetix is not responsible for any damages caused as a result of the information included in this response. As such, always check with an insurance provider, or the proper authority, for terms and conditions that may apply to you specifically as the information may vary depending on your insurer, geographic location, and particular individual circumstances.

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