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General Insurance Questions

Discuss any insurance topics in the other forums.

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Car Insurance with G1 drivers license 2 2013/05/30 16:00:35
Landlord Insurance 2 2013/05/30 15:59:14
Driving in the US 2 2013/05/30 15:52:26

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Car Insurance

Discuss car insurance policies, quotes, companies, and more.

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Ohio resident 2 2013/05/30 16:01:38
I own two cars but GF with G2 has to be a primary driver 2 2013/05/30 15:57:35
2 at fault accidents 2 2013/05/30 15:55:33

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Travel Insurance for Canadians

Discuss insurance for trips, traveling, vacations, and any experiences with travel insurance.

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High Blood Pressure 2 2012/11/14 10:36:11
Can you purchase travel insurance if you are abroad 3 2012/05/31 04:19:13
Can you please provide a quote for pre-existing condition me... 4 2011/12/06 14:33:27

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Visitors to Canada/International Students

Coming to visit or study in Canada? Discuss travel insurance topics while visiting Canada.

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Car Insurance for a Tourist 3 2011/07/18 22:08:44
Car insurance for foreigners in Canada 2 2011/05/26 16:01:39
Is there a policy for visitors that covers pregnancy and del... 2 2010/12/13 16:48:41

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Home/Tenant/Condo Insurance

Discuss insurance for your home or condo.

Thread Posts Last Post

Backyard Ice Rink 2 2013/01/18 15:41:04
Home Insurance Lapse 2 2012/10/24 15:26:53
Can existing insurance be transferred to new owner 2 2012/09/04 12:46:51

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Health & Dental Insurance

Discuss Health & Dental insurance policies, quotes, companies, and more.

Thread Posts Last Post

pre-existing condition 1 2013/04/16 13:35:08
Best health insurance for someone on working holiday visa 1 2013/03/02 01:32:40
I am 26 weeks pregnant and looking for insurance. 3 2012/01/28 15:09:17

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Life/Critical Illness Insurance

Discuss life & Critical Illness insurance policies, quotes, companies, and more.

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I'd like to purchase a critical illness insurance package. 2 2010/12/13 16:08:46
I'm a Canadian living in Japan. Can I purchase term life ins... 1 2010/11/19 09:44:40
I've heard about insurance for critical illnesses. What is i... 2 2009/12/31 10:41:42

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Need some answers for all your mortgage questions? Discuss anything mortgage related here.

Thread Posts Last Post

Residential Mortgage Under Company Name 2 2013/01/24 12:57:34
Job Loss Mortgage Insurance 2 2012/02/22 11:20:06
Canadian insurance and mortgage forum launched at kanetixfor... 2 2011/01/27 11:19:09

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Credit Cards

Get advice in how credit cards work,and clarification of the terms of a particular credit card.

Thread Posts Last Post

Whats the best way to increase my credit score and keep it t... 3 2009/10/16 15:57:09
Can you fix bad credit caused by an injury? 3 2009/06/08 15:02:21

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Motorcycle Insurance

Discuss Motorcycle insurance policies, quotes, companies, and more.

Thread Posts Last Post

UK driver buying Ontario motorcycle 2 2012/05/15 10:24:16
Trike insurance 2 2012/01/03 12:25:07
Pre 1996 motorcycle coverage 2 2011/06/29 12:17:29

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Commercial Property Insurance

Discuss insurance for your business and help others in need of advice.

Thread Posts Last Post

I would like a business insurance quote. 1 2010/11/10 16:04:08
Starting a new business: location matters 4 2009/12/31 12:11:52
Can you please explain a bit about business insurance? 3 2009/07/24 13:28:44

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Commercial Car Insurance

Discuss commercial car insurance policies, quotes, companies, and more.

Thread Posts Last Post

I would like to know the approximate cost of obtaining motor... 3 2010/11/16 05:27:20
Does Kanetix provide auto insurance quote comparison for bus... 2 2010/03/24 13:47:22

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Pet Insurance

Discuss insurance for your cats, dogs, horses, and other animals.

Thread Posts Last Post

I'd like to become a sales advisor for pet insurance with Ka... 2 2010/06/29 13:23:27

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Kanetix FAQs

View a list of Kanetix's Frequently asked Questions.

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Do I have to sign up or pay anything before I receive quotes... 2 2010/01/21 10:28:51
I'm moving and don't know my new postal code yet? What do I ... 2 2009/11/23 14:33:30
How do I login to view my saved quotes? 2 2009/11/23 10:38:45

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