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Will going to driving school with my wife help us reduce our car insurance?


I am a new immigrant in Canada. I and my wife have a previous driving experience, 10 years. Both of us have recently passed G1 (written Test) and straight away eligible for G2.
I like to know:
1- If i join driving school and take a full driving course, will it help in the reduction of my Car insurance. How much approximate will i save.
2- If both of us register at the same time will the quote of car insurance will be lesser.

Posted by mustu2 on 2009/08/24 08:26:01

You will soon hear back from a knowledgeable broker. In the meantime, since you mentioned that you recently passed your G1, we thought the following two articles about the Graduated Licensing Program in Ontario may be useful to you:

Steps Required to Become a Fully Licensed Driver in Ontario (The Insurance Bureau of Canada Website)

Ministry-Approved Beginner Driver Education Courses (Ontario's Ministry of Transportation Website)

Posted by admin on 2009/08/26 15:52:26

Thanks for your questions. I'll try to answer them in the order that you've asked:

1) Taking and passing a Ministry-approved beginner driver training/education course will typically help in lowering the amount paid in car insurance premiums. By passing the course, many insurance companies consider you to have the same skills as a person who has driven for 3 years. As a result, rather than rating you as a net new driver with zero years of experience, they'll rate you as a driver with 3 years of claims-free driving experience. How much you save will vary by company.

2) If both you and your wife take and pass the driver's training course, then you will both be considered as skilled a driver as someone with 3 years of claims-free driving. The premium savings for taking a course is not limited to one driver per policy.

I wanted to pass along some additional information that you may find handy that you did not ask about:

- For newcomers to Canada, it is often advantageous to get a copy of your insurance history (a letter of experience) and driving record from your previous home country. Some insurance companies will honour non-North American driving experience depending on the similarity in driving conditions. If your past driving experience is not taken into account, then you'll find a driver's training course really helps in lowering the premiums you pay. If all 10 years of your experience is taken into account, then you may find that a driver's education course does not actually provide you with a savings on your premium. Either way, taking a driver's training course is highly advisable whether for savings or safety purposes.

- The type of car you drive also greatly impacts the premiums you pay. I would suggest that you purchase vehicles which are cost effective for insurance purposes. You can price out vehicles by talking to your insurance broker.

Hope that helps.

Sean Graham, Principal Broker at KTX Insurance Brokers.

Neither Kanetix® nor the KanetixForum.ca is an insurance broker or agent. Although this information has been passed along to you from KTX Insurance Brokers through the Forum, we are not responsible for the opinions expressed by them. Insurance can be complicated. When reading these answers, keep in mind each person's situation is unique. Individual responses may vary depending on your insurer, geographic location, and specific circumstances. If you have a similar situation, always speak with your insurance provider, or a licensed insurance representative, for terms and conditions that may apply to you.

Posted by Guest on 2009/08/31 13:12:18

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