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Is there insurance available for plastic surgery?


I would like to undergo plastic surgery for my nose. Is there insurance available specifically for this?

Posted by Guest on 2009/12/11 11:37:32

It is best that you first start by checking in with your provincial health insurance plan. Chances are, if it is for purely cosmetic reasons your province's government health plan won't cover it. I found specific mention of this on Ontario's and Alberta's Ministry of Health websites:

It appears that most supplementary health insurance plans also do not cover elective cosmetic surgery procedures. You will want to call around to confirm this though. You will want to talk to providers of supplementary, (sometimes called extended) health insurance coverage.

There are other options, however. In Canada there are online, financing companies available that offer loans specifically for elective plastic surgery. These companies typically pay for your surgery upfront, if you qualify. You can borrow the full amount, or a partial amount, and set up a payment plan to cover your surgery.

Check with your doctor first; they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Posted by admin on 2009/12/11 11:39:16

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