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Find the most suitable guaranteed credit cards in Canada using our elite comparison service. The Kanetix credit card comparison service will give you the most up to date information on available and easily obtainable guaranteed credit cards in the area. Additionally, you will be able to find yourself instant approval credit cards, poor credit cards, and a multitude of other products. The world of Canadian credit card services is open to the public with Kanetix. Consumers can rebuild their credit, gain first time access to a card, or start life over after bankruptcy. All the tools anyone needs are available on this site.

The Benefits of Having a Guaranteed Credit Card

A guaranteed credit card is a special type of product for Canadian users who have either poor credit or non-established credit. This type of card get its name from the fact that almost everyone can gain approval. Any applicant who is willing to place a security deposit for the product can receive a new card shortly after he or she is approved for it. A guaranteed card can help a person to establish himself or herself in the world of credit, so that he or she can apply for unsecured products later on.

Having a guaranteed credit card can give consumers access to features they did not otherwise have. With this type of card, a Canadian shopper can purchase goods online. He or she can also pay household bills online or make payments for monthly membership. A guaranteed card can also help a person to secure a rental vehicle or a moving vehicle for a trip or relocation. Furthermore, guaranteed cards are great for those times when a person is caught in an emergency with no cash on hand. If you are a person who fits the profile above, and you would like access to the amazing features of a guaranteed card, you may use Kanetix to find the perfect fit today.

Getting a Guaranteed Card in Canada

Getting a guaranteed card in Canada is a simple process. Once you use the comparison tool to find your perfect match, you will complete an online form with financial specifics and identifying information. If the lender approves you for the guaranteed card, you will have to submit a security deposit by way of check, money order or bank transfer before the bank will make your credit card active.

Once you receive your card, you can work on making timely payments so your credit score will increase. One day you will restore your credit to a point in which you are qualified to earn rewards credit cards, no fee credit cards, and cash back credit cards.

Kanetix is a one stop shop for Canadian consumers to get the products and help they need. Visit the credit score calculator page to get an idea of your current credit score. The score will give you an indication of the type of cards for which you will qualify. After you use the site to help you with that, then you can perform a comparison to find your perfect product.