Moving can be an expensive and stressful event, but with these following tips it can be a much safer process. There are many components of planning an effective move, they include topics such as: security, fraud prevention, packing processes, financial decisions, and planning processes. The following links provide valuable information that will help you plan a move that is as efficient as possible. At the same time, remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle as this will also help simplify the moving process as you get rid of any unwanted inventory from your old location.

Moving tips

This list of tips provides a timeline for events that should be scheduled several months prior to moving, up until the day of the move. This is an extensive checklist that can help prospective movers schedule the moving process. The timeline includes events that should be planned for 1 month from the move until the last day.

Top 10 moving tips

This website offers the top 10 suggestions to effectively prepare for a move. These tips will help movers understand what information and resources to use when scheduling future moves.

Packing and Unpacking Tips

This website offers tips aimed to simplify the packing and unpacking process while also maximizing efficiency. These tips include how to pack as simply as possible to guarantee a fast and easy unpacking process.

Your Rights as a Mover

As a mover you need to be aware of fraud when selecting any professional services. This government website has the information you need to make a safe choice when investing your time and energy in the moving process.

Financial Moving Tips

Moving requires a substantial amount of financial planning and strategy. This site contains tips and information on how to schedule a move that will save both time and money.

Moving Tips for Armed Forces Service Members

If you are a member of the United States armed forces, this article is a great resource to learn how you can save money during your move. The United States military provides tips and aid to our service members who are moving.

Moving Tips to Reduce Stress

If you are stressed out about moving and how to best organize the process, this list of 12 tips facilitates your move and keeps you sane! It even offers tips on how to mark and label your boxes to ensure accuracy for movers.

Thinking Ecologically- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The University of Texas provides great information on what you can do to help the environment while you move.

A great site for science fair projects for kids to get them excited about what they can do to help the environment.

Learning Center

Utah State University gives a large variety of different educational topics including recycling. To help kids learn about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle while they are getting ready to move check out the information provided.

Water Conservation and Recycling

Here you will find a large assortment of educational links to informative and creditable sites to help your children learn about how to recycle and implement it into their lives.

What You Can Do

The University of Alabama gives great ideas for how you and your family can save energy, conserve resources, and even reduce pollution.

Cool Science Links

Kids will love to learn about the earth and what we can do to help stop pollution from these interactive sites.

Lesley University Library provides a great amount of information on what we can do to help the planet and environment.

Stanford University gives a great amount of advice for making your move even easier. When focusing on the simple little things that people often forget you will be right on track with your move.

Moving 101

Global Mobility Solutions provides a comprehensive guide to making moving less stressful. They answer all the hard questions about moving so you can relax a little.

Moving Tips for College Students

This page offers great tips for college students who are moving with a limited amount of room. It prioritizes space and offers suggestions to make the moving process easy for those students that frequently move locations.

Tips for Downsizing a Move

This site offers advice targeted for the Elderly demographic who may be interested in downsizing their home in favor of a simpler location that is easier to maintain. It specifically helps reduce the amount of inventory that may need to be moved.