20th birthday balloons in a gift box.Time flies when you're helping Canadians save money.

Do you ever look back at pictures from your youth and wonder: What on Earth was I thinking? Why would I wear that and what prompted me to cut my hair that way?

Years after the fact, trends can be unkind and the pictures unflattering but they're always worth a good laugh when walking down memory lane.

Just look at a picture of Kanetix's early days.

It's not pretty but back then we thought we were really cool. And, no, your eyes are not deceiving you. That's white text on a black background (why?!?) and we started out as Kanetix.com, not Kanetix.ca. The transition to the .ca domain happened in 2004.

A picture of what Kanetix looked like back in the day.

Ready to Throwback to 1999?

In October 1999 the idea for a better way to shop for insurance became a reality and within months, not only could drivers compare auto insurance quotes online to find the lowest rates, but also life insurance and home insurance too.

Since then, there's been no looking back. That is, until today.

It's time to throwback to 1999 when the Internet was still in its infancy, dial-up was a reality, Y2K was a worry, and the phrase "Whassup?" went viral before viral was even a thing. What else went down in 1999? Let's see how many times you say, "LOL! I remember that!" as we serve up a delicious slice of nostalgia in the interactive Kanetix.ca time machine!

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