What About Cheap Car Insurance?

"Cheap Car Insurance" has become one of those catch-phrases heard daily and only too often by the now desensitized consumer, thanks to the advertising and marketing industry. You find it used in radio ads that like to repeat at least twenty times while you are trying to snooze on Sunday mornings, in ten second television commercials with convincing salespeople, and in the headlines of so many of the advertising posters that line the sides of subway cars and buses. Okay, okay, okay, I get it: "cheap car insurance."

With so many competing companies out there to offer what they claim is "cheap auto insurance," or "cheap car insurance," how do you know which one to choose? It can seem as if you've stumbled into a county fair or flea market: "cheap car insurance, come here to getch'urr cheap car insurance, the best cheap car insurance, getch'urr cheap auto insurance, come 'an get it, super cheap auto insurance!!"

Okay, okay, okay! I get it! I should get cheap car insurance. It seems a bit obvious, right? After all, doesn't everyone want to get cheap car insurance? I don't think I've ever met anyone who wanted expensive car insurance!

While it's possible that I have run the risk of further adding to your daily quota of cheap auto insurance background noise, hear me out - don't hit the snooze button just yet.

In this article, you will get a glimpse of cheap car insurance outside of just the advertising, and see what it's really about, from an unbiased and friendly point of view. Here at Kanetix, we want to help you compare car insurance quotes at your convenience, to save you time, and to get you the best quotes and rates for truly cheap car insurance.

Cheap car insurance isn't just a catch phrase, nor is it just a lofty ideal established and up for grabs only to those who have spotless records. Let's face it, nobody's perfect. Why should insurance companies expect you to be? I'll be honest: there are blemishes in this driver's past. Speeding tickets, one or two bumper dents (bumper "hugs" as I prefer to call them), with both moving and (gulp) non-moving objects. But the fantastic news is that cheaper auto insurance can still be a reality for you and me, the average, not-so-perfect or unscathed driver.

How You Can Get Cheap Car Insurance!

How do you know which car insurance companies will give you the best rates possible? Will there be consequences or costs for getting cheap car insurance rather than opting for not-quite-as cheap auto insurance? Why is it that some companies make you pay so much while others so much less for basically the same thing?

Here are some pointers on how you can get cheap car insurance.

    • Compare Quotes From a Variety of Insurance Providers
      When you're shopping for a new TV, you go visit several places, a store in Chinatown, that store at the mall, the huge electronics store at the outlet, all so that you can compare the best price for the best TV possible. You want the best features, widest screen, and all for a good price. Your insurance shouldn't be any different. Luckily, you no longer have to sit down with a phonebook and call 10 of the top insurance companies to get auto insurance quotes. Now you can simply input your information and driving history online, and you will get in return, a comparison of rates from many of the top insurance companies including details of coverage. If you're looking for cheap auto insurance, you just have to make sure you compare quotes.


    • Keep as clean a driving record as possible
      While it's true that your insurance rate may go up after an accident, or driving offence, it really depends on what the company's policy may be. Some are more lenient if you are on the whole, a responsible driver with no or few problems in the past. Other companies allow you to "work your way" back into their good graces and will give you time to prove yourself again. Others may not be so lenient and you will be left paying higher fees. To ensure the cheapest car insurance possible, try to have the cleanest driving record possible and avoid problems so that you are not seen as a higher risk.


    • Find a good balance for your deductibles
      It's true that if you increase your deductibles, then insurance companies will give you a better rate because you are willing to share the risk if an accident does happen. Knowing how much you are sharing the risk, will give you more incentive to drive cautiously and will be better for your driving record in the long-term. So, cheaper auto insurance can be yours if you are willing to take on more of the responsibility if you get into an accident.


  • Get a car that "measures up"
    The Insurance Board of Canada releases publications every year or two, which gather statistics and numbers from the auto insurance industry, to show which cars rate the highest on various levels, including: collision and comprehensive claims and vehicle thefts. Getting a vehicle that "measures up," in terms of not having a history of high collision/accident, comprehensive, or theft claims, will help your get cheap car insurance because you will have a low-risk automobile.

While there are many other pointers you could explore, which relate to the state of your car, others in your household, driving history, frequency of use etc. etc., the main thing is: be informed and know what you are getting into. Cheaper car insurance is something that you can achieve, especially if you shop around.

Get started today! Get cheap auto insurance by comparing your quotes at Kanetix. You can compare quotes from up to 30 of the top insurance companies: their rates, types of coverage, other information, and even purchase online or speak to one of Kanetix's call centre representatives if you have any other questions about cheap car insurance.



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