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Kinetix, kenetics, kinetix, kantex, kinetic insurance or kinetics insurance - what's the most interesting misspelling of Kanetix?

Way back in 1999, when Kanetix was first started, we wanted a fresh, original name to reflect the unique way that we've changed how people shop for insurance in Canada.

We decided on Kanetix.

The name "Kanetix" comes from the word "kinetic" meaning active, dynamic and energizing. Kinetic theory states that all substances have particles that are in vigorous motion, and this is basically how we envisioned the company operating - always moving, to create a fast, convenient and money-saving insurance shopping service. This could be why visitors sometimes search for "kinetic insurance" or "kinetics insurance" when they search for us on the web, they clearly understand the association.

Finding us on the web is not difficult. If you simply type the word "Kanetix" or "auto insurance" into just about any search engine, you're sure to find a link right to us. But, we found it interesting that there are literally dozens of different ways that people have found to spell Kanetix.

Kantex, kinetix, kenetics, kinetix or kinetic insurance?

The reasons for the interesting variations in spelling could be because we do some radio advertising, and because we get a lot of word of mouth referrals as well. So, people hear the name Kanetix over the radio, or one friend or acquaintance tells another something like: "Hey Bob, I just saved a pile of dough on my car insurance, you've just got to try that Kanetix website". So, Bob gets on the Internet a bit later and types: "kenetics" or "kinetix" or "kenetix", and sometimes even "kantex insurance", and then can't find us, and wonders what all the fuss is about. Other interesting variations of our name that people have used include: kanetics, kinetiks, kenetix, kinetixs, kinetis, kanetx, kanitex, kanitix, kannetix, kanotix, kanteix, kantix, kenatix, kenetixs, kenitex, kenitix, kennetix, kentix, kinatix, and our personal favourites: knetix and kineticx - a bit of an ancient Roman influence on that last one.


Hopefully this article will help some of these folks (with their delightfully creative spelling imaginations) find us a little bit easier.

It turns out that we're in some pretty good company though, as several of our insurance suppliers who provide quotes through our service, and competitors have names that are sometimes a bit challenging to spell if you simply heard their names somewhere.

Interestingly, bellair, bel air insurance and belaire are sometimes used to find belairdirect® insurance:

  • Belair Insurance Company Inc. is one of Canada's largest direct insurers, and one of the insurance suppliers featured through the Kanetix website. belairdirect insurance also has a fairly substantial radio advertising presence, so, it's not surprising that people sometimes use two L's when visualizing their name, as in Bellair, or separate the name into bel and air, as in bel air, but interestingly Belaire insurance, although rather noble sounding, is a bit of a mystery.
Desjardins® are what people mean when they search for Desjardains insurance:

  • Another insurance provider featured through Kanetix, Desjardains insurance company is frequently searched as Desjardins insurance.
Auto insurence? Car insureance? Term life insurnace?

While exploring this topic, it became even more fascinating just how many variations of insurance we discovered. Insurence was the most popular, with people searching for "car insurence" and "auto insurence" and "cheap car insurence", as well as "business insurence" and "home insurence".

Insureance was next in popularity, with many searches for "travel insureance information", "car insureance", "auto insureance", and all of the other commonly searched insurance terms like "auto owners insureance", "life insureance" and "health insureance".

One can only speculate that the reason for this is that English is indeed a hard language to master, as words are often spelled differently than they are pronounced.

Insurnace was in there also, as in auto owners insurnace company, home owners insurnace, term life insurnace and homeowners insurnace.

We think these kinds of variations in the spelling of "insurance" can only be from folks who are in a real hurry, and terms like: home insruance, insurnace, auto owners insuance, car insuarnce and insruance, are the product of fingers moving faster than their eye can keep up.

It's easy to make a typo when searching the web. We've found regular searches for terms like auto insurace, auto insurances, car insurace, and car insurances in our log files. Although close to the correct spelling, none of these search terms are likely to bring search engine users the content they desire.

Missed keys produce words like: car insrance, auto insurane and isurance.

Some web surfers may also just miss keys when typing their search queries - this leads to searches for terms like: auot, autoinsurance, homeinsurance, car insuranc, auto insurane, insurnce, insuance, insuranse, nsurance, isurance and even inurance. These missing keys are not a significant issue for most search engines though, as they commonly apply a spell-check to all search queries which compensates for missed letters.

Missed spaces also produce some interesting results, like: carinsurance and autoinsurance.

Finally, we've also found a large group of interesting misspellings in our search logs, as it seems there are multiple spellings of the word "insurance" which sound right. Unfortunately car ensurance, auto ensurence, insurrence, insurince, insrance, insuarance, insureancce, ensureance and even car insrance are all wrong spellings of the word insurance, and are unlikely to bring the desired search results.

Hopefully you've enjoyed this little diversion, and we want you to know that no matter how you found us, we value our visitors, regardless of their spelling or typing errors.

We are constantly striving to provide the best insurance quote comparison service in Canada, and we think we've done a pretty good job at it since our beginnings as "Canada's Insurance Marketplace" in 1999. Judging by the traffic that our website gets and the feedback we receive, we know we've helped millions of people gain a greater understanding of their insurance costs over the years, and save a great deal of money in the process. We invite you to see what we can do for you.

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Every season, no matter the season, has its own set of driving hazards. Whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter, these driving tips will help you get to where you want to go, safely.

Spring may be in the air, but there are often storms that are reminiscent of winter. Check out the 'Snow, Ice and Winter Storms' section for in-depth coverage in how to drive in winter weather, plus:

Day or night turn on your headlights. Spring temperatures can change in the blink of an eye resulting in misty, foggy conditions that can reduce your visibility. And while foggy conditions are common in spring, so too is the occasional spring blizzard; don't be too quick to ditch the winter car safety kit in your car, or switch from your winter tires to your summer set.

April showers, may bring May flowers, but it also often brings wet slippery roads. Drive to the conditions and you'll get to where you want to go safely. As you would in winter, slow down and leave extra distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of you. It takes longer to stop when conditions are wet and slippery. Also, where possible, drive in the middle lanes; water tends to pool in the curb lanes and could lead to hydroplaning.

Foul weather isn't the only factor to watch for; warm weather means there will be more motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians out and about. Watch for pedestrians and share the road with all users.

Lastly, your car has been through a lot in the winter and is probably in need of some attention. Take it in for a spring tune up to your risk of driving problems this spring.

After a long bitter winter and a slow wet spring, you may be ready to hit the road again, but be careful: according to the Canada Safety Council, more fatalities occur on Canadian roads during the summer months than at any other time of year. Whether you're heading out for the day, going to the cottage or taking a road trip with the family, remember to put safety first.

You'd think that summer driving would be the safest, when in fact the reverse is true. Summer brings increased traffic to the roads and highways. With more drivers on the road, construction, motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians to watch for, don't let the clear weather fool you into thinking that summer driving is easy driving.

Stay safer this summer and: don't drink and drive; always wear your seatbelt; don't drive when fatigued; and tune out the distractions.

The dog days of summer are over, and there's a chill in the air. Weather conditions in the fall, like spring, can be unpredictable. A warm, sunny day can turn dark, cold and rainy in no time. Mist and fog can reduce your visibility, and the first snow of the winter isn't unlikely. Give yourself plenty of space between you and the cars around you and remember to drive to the conditions.

The leaves may be changing colour and are beautiful to admire, but keep your eyes on the road and your attention focused. Fall brings the first frost of the season so beware of slippery conditions. And, if the temperature is hovering around freezing, then approach bridges and overpasses with caution as these tend to ice up quicker than the road.

When the leaves fall remember that they are a hazard on their own; they can hide potholes or other road hazards, and when they're wet, can be as slippery as any ice-covered road.

Ice is a major concern for anyone driving in extreme cold weather conditions. Not only does it create a smooth surfacing that can lead to sliding and loss of vehicular control, but it can also be difficult to detect. When faced with this type of road condition, drive carefully and reduce your speed and allow as much as three car lengths more than normal between yourself and the car ahead of you.

In general, drive slowly and refrain from stepping too heavily on the brakes to avoid skidding. Watch out in particular for black ice. In areas that experience extremely cold weather, melted snow and puddles of water can quickly freeze, particularly when in the shade or on a bridge or overpass. It is called black ice because it can be nearly impossible to see until you're upon it.

Heavy snow creates a driving situation that is a mixed bag of dangerous driving conditions. It diminishes your ability to see, and creates slippery road conditions. At the beginning of snow season, invest in winter or snow tires. This will give the best traction possible for the conditions.

During heavy snowfall, it is safest to avoid driving. If staying off the road is not an option, first clear the car's windows of snow and ice to improve visibility. As with driving in icy conditions, it is important that the distance between cars is at least three car lengths more than normal. When other cars follow too closely, allowed them to pass.

Sleet and freezing rain can affect a your ability to safely manoeuvre your vehicle, and often officials will advise you to avoid driving under these conditions. When driving in these conditions is absolutely necessary, follow safe driving protocols: reduce speed and allow more following distance. Drivers often encounter freezing rain and sleet on bridges and overpasses first and should always exercise extreme caution when driving across them.

If you become stranded during winter storm conditions such as a blizzard, remain in the vehicle until help arrives. To make the car more visible, a brightly coloured ribbon, piece of cloth or towel should be tied to an antenna or outside mirror. An emergency kit that contains water, blankets, rope, a flashlight, and non-perishable foods should be kept in the car for emergencies. Use the additional clothing and blankets to keep warm. If there are no blankets in the car use items such as floor mats or even the seat covers to help keep warm. The car's heater may be used, but it should only be run for ten minutes every hour. When running the heater, keep a window slightly open to help with ventilation. Additionally, the vehicle's exhaust pipe should be kept clear to prevent poisonous gases from entering the car.

Whether it is freezing rain or blizzard-like snowfall, it is important that people drive safely when getting behind the wheel. While it is often best to stay indoors during extreme weather conditions, knowing how to drive for the specific condition goes a long way in keeping one safe while on the road.

The Kanetix Car Insurance Quick Quote App

Buying a car? Quickly compare how much it costs to insure 1, 2, 3 or more cars in a matter of seconds right from your iPhone or Android Smartphone. In one simple step get up to 3 car insurance estimates:

  • Save on your auto insurance; the Quick Quote will tell you which cars cost more to insure and which cost less!
  • Use the VIN scanner to read the bar codes on your car to quickly load in necessary details for a quote
  • Rates ranked low, medium and high for easy comparison
  • One tap to connect to Kanetix
  • Save quote details right to your smartphone device
  • Get renewal reminders delivered directly to your phone
Download the FREE Kanetix Comparison App for your iPhone or Android Smartphone!

Download the App

What's in it for you?

A first of its kind in Canada, The Kanetix Car Insurance Quick Quote app makes buying a car easier than ever. Knowing how much a vehicle could end up costing to insure prior to buying or leasing could sway your decision and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

Of course, the app isn't only for those purchasing new rides! Off the assembly line or used, the Kanetix Car Insurance Quick Quote can help you compare rates in no time:

  • Tell us about yourself and use the app's VIN scanner to tell us about your vehicle with ease
  • Compare rates that are ranked low, medium or high for easy evaluation
  • One tap to connect to Kanetix

Finding the best deal on your car insurance is no longer a matter of waiting until you have access to a desktop or lap top - all you need is your phone! With the free to download Kanetix Car Insurance Quick Quote app, you can compare the rates of many of Canada's top insurance providers simply by scanning your ride's VIN, or selecting it from our easy drop-down format.

How do I get it?

Downloading the free app is as simple as a click of a button.

You can also search for "Kanetix" in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on your phone.

What else can I do with the app?

The Kanetix Car Insurance Quick Quote app can get you car insurance quotes in seconds, and much more:

  • Easily compare quotes between vehicles
  • Save your quote details for easy repeat visits
  • Subscribe to policy renewal reminders

And, most of all, you'll never have to worry again about overpaying for your auto insurance.

How easy is it to use the Kanetix Car Insurance Quick Quote app?

In one simple step tell us about:

  • Yourself (your postal code, age, gender and how many tickets and accidents you have)
  • Your car (year, make and model)

That's it, because once we have these tidbits of information we'll show you up to 3 car insurance estimates. It couldn't be easier and will take you less time than it did to read all about the Kanetix Car Insurance Quick Quote app.

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Think you're a good driver?

Test your skills with DriveSmart, our new app that grades your driving. Get insight on how your driving stacks up and if you could save on your insurance by joining a usage-based insurance program

Car Insurance Quotes Premium
Customer 35, MISSISSAUGA, ON
Desjardins Insurance$1337
TD Insurance$1760
The Co-operators$2060
Range of top quotes$1062
Customer 28, CALGARY, AB
Grey Power$1464
Alberta Motor Association$1789
TD Insurance$1797
Economical Insurance$2106
Range of top quotes$642
Customer 25, FORT MCMURRAY, AB
Alberta Motor Association$1816
Millennium Insurance $1866
Grey Power$1910
Intact Insurance$2178
Range of top quotes$727
Customer 19, ST THOMAS, ON
1999, DODGE, RAM 2500 ST REG CAB 4WD
The Co-operators$2601
Economical Insurance$3061
Desjardins Insurance$3327
Range of top quotes$1342
Customer 37, MONTREAL, PQ
2015, BMW, X3 35i 4DR AWD
RBC Insurance$886
Range of top quotes$713
Customer 67, YORK, ON
CAA Insurance$1364
Economical Insurance$1431
The Co-operators$1544
Range of top quotes$437
Customer 29, TORONTO, ON
The Co-operators$2111
RBC Insurance$2546
Dominion of Canada$2749
Range of top quotes$1049
Customer 60, ETOBICOKE, ON
CAA Insurance$1071
TD Insurance$1395
RBC Insurance$1453
The Co-operators$1565
Range of top quotes$494
Customer 53, ANJOU, PQ
TD Insurance$843
InnovAssur (National Bank Insurance)$938
Range of top quotes$919
Customer 19, GLOUCESTER, ON
RBC Insurance$1634
The Co-operators$2090
Economical Insurance$2544
Range of top quotes$988

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