If moving to the slammer wasn't bad enough, Paris' drunken escapades are guaranteed to cause her at least one new problem upon her release: increased auto insurance premiums.

Although Paris can likely swallow a double or tripling of her insurance premiums, there may be other penalties which do not go down so easy. Paris should consider herself lucky that she doesn't live in Canada for example, where a judge could force her to have an Ignition Interlock Device, an in-car alcohol breath screening device that prevents a vehicle from starting if it detects alcohol on the breath of the driver. Although she may be able to afford the device's $1300 installation fee, Paris would likely find the device "gross" and "not hot" in that it clashes with the fine leather interior of her $250,000 Bentley.

Paris would also have trouble hiding the DUI from her auto insurance provider. Although you are not legally required to notify your car insurance company of DUI offenses in Canada, it is unlikely Paris would be able to hide such an event of this magnitude. Most insurance companies periodically check the driving records of their policy holders, in order to ensure their insurance status and rates are properly affected by their driving record. And, if she were to switch companies, she'd have to tell them for sure.

With the reality of higher auto insurance premiums ahead of her, it might do Paris some good during her anticipated stay in the slammer to visit a site like Kanetix.ca, where she can compare car insurance quotes online. In spite of her DUI conviction, there may still be insurers which can offer her lower premiums, as each insurance company uses its own pricing model to calculate their auto insurance rates.

Although Canadian DUI convictions are wiped out every three years, it can take up to six years for insurance premiums to be "reset". Your "good" driving record is also automatically erased after a DUI conviction, meaning you have to start from scratch with your insurance company. In other words, if Paris wants to get her car insurance rates back down, she better learn to love virgin cocktails.

Luckily most people don't have a DUI conviction in their past. But, even with a conviction-free driving record, you may be paying too much for car insurance. Visit Kanetix.ca today and save money on your car insurance!

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