TORONTO, December 15, 2005 - The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) recently announced their list of Canada's top ten stolen vehicles in 2005. According to the IBC, the most stolen vehicles were:

  1. 2000 Honda Civic SiR 2-door
  2. 1999 Honda Civic SiR 2-door
  3. 1996 4 wheel drive Chevrolet/GMC Blazer/Jimmy S Series 2-door
  4. 1994 Honda Civic Si Hatchback 2-door
  5. 1993 Volkswagen Corrado 2-door
  6. 1995 Honda Civic Si Hatchback 2-door
  7. 1992 Chrysler/Dodge Caravan and Voyager
  8. 2002 All Wheel Drive Subaru Impreza WRX, 4-door
  9. 1999 Volkswagen Golf GTI Hatchback 2-door
  10. 1993 Honda Civic Si hatchback 2-door

Car theft costs us all. The IBC also reported the theft of vehicles and their components costs Canadians annually about $580 million in insurance premiums.

"Coverage for theft is included under the 'comprehensive' or 'specified perils' part of your auto insurance policy," explains Gregory Ellis, Co-founder of, "so as theft increases, especially for vehicles popular with car thieves, the part of the premium you pay for comprehensive/specified perils coverage is also likely to increase."

Comprehensive/specified perils coverage is optional, so if you include it on your policy part of determining your premium requires the insurer to assess the likelihood your car will be stolen. This includes a review of theft rates in your region and how frequently thieves are attracted to your car's particular make and model. Because each insurer varies in how they calculate premiums, it's important then that you shop around for the best price. No two insurers are alike!

Getting auto insurance quotes through is easy, simple and a better way to shop. Compare quotes to see if there is an insurer who can offer you a better rate than what you are paying now. For drivers looking to buy a new car, compare rates between vehicles to see how much one vehicle costs to insure over another. It may help you decide which vehicle to buy.

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In addition to the insurance marketplace, Kanetix is a leading provider of online insurance quotation technology and develops online quotation systems and websites for some of Canada's leading insurance providers.

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