Doug was lucky. He beat cancer. And with critical illness insurance, Doug didn't have to pay for his travel for out-of-town treatment or for homecare. Doug explains:

"I remember browsing through some magazines one night when I couldn't sleep," recalls Doug. "I came across an article that described symptoms very similar to what I had been experiencing for several months."

They were the symptoms of colorectal cancer.

The next morning, Doug called the doctor and events unfolded quickly. Tests, an operation, chemotherapy.

Thankfully, Doug beat cancer. Equally fortunate, Doug did not have to face the financial stress common to critical illness survivors. He did not have to struggle to find the money to travel to a larger city for treatment. Nor did he have to wrestle his savings out of his RRSPs to pay for home care.

Why? Doug had a critical illness insurance policy that he used to replace lost income while he was ill. He even had enough money to pay off debts, complete some home improvements and purchase a few little rewards for himself.

"They were especially important because they kept me positive and active."

Ensure financial, as well as medical recovery

Few people are prepared for the expenses that come with being diagnosed with a critical illness: reduction or loss of income, private home nursing costs, rehabilitation therapies, alternative and prescription medicines, home refitting... the list goes on.

Critical illness insurance provides you with a lump-sum cash payment if diagnosed with a serious illness. It frees you from financial stress so you can focus on what's important - getting better.

Compare critical illness insurance quotes

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