There were 1,097 Canadians killed at their place of work in 2005, and this number is on the rise, according to a study titled "Five Deaths a Day: Workplace Fatalities in Canada, 1993-2005" by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards. This is a disturbing trend when you consider that, as the report says, these deaths are in principal avoidable.

So what exactly is killing Canadians on the job? 'Exposure to harmful substances and environments' is the leading cause of workplace fatalities in Canada, according to the study. Additionally, fatalities due to this event are on the rise. There could be three reasons for this: an increase in awareness among employees of what types of compensation is available, which may mean an increase in claims for compensation; a change in the rules for acceptances of claims by the compensation boards; and an actual increase in the number of people dying from occupational diseases.

What other on-the-job events are killing Canadians? The study provides the following breakdown for each of the 1,097 deaths in 2005:

  1. Exposure to harmful substances or environments - 512 deaths
  2. Transportation accidents - 229 deaths
  3. Contact with objects and equipment - 142 deaths
  4. Falls - 77 deaths
  5. Bodily reaction and exertion - 30 deaths
  6. Fire or explosion - 19 deaths
  7. Assaults and violent acts - 21 deaths
  8. Other (events or exposures, unknown or simply not specified) - 67 deaths

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