Some people love their jobs, some are indifferent, while others just plain hate what they do. Even though we all have differing opinions about the world of work, the one thing that ties most of us Canadians together is we generally don't really think that our job will kill us. There are a few of us though, where that is not the case. Some men and women in this country are keenly aware how dangerous their jobs can be.

There were 1,097 Canadians killed at their place of work in 2005 according to a recent study by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards. When we take a look at who these people are, the gender trend is clear; the average rate of workplace deaths in Canada in 2005 was 30 times higher for men than women. In other words, 97 per cent of the people killed on the job were men. In actual numbers, of the 1097 reported workplace deaths in 2005, 1069 were male workers while the remaining 28 were female workers. The study also reports, the rate of workplace death is rising for men and falling for women.

We can all agree that ultimately, one on-the-job death is one too many. The study concludes unfortunately, that it is likely that the number of work-related deaths has not yet peaked. Accidents and unforeseen events will likely continue to happen, no matter what, but you can still help those people who depend on you.

When accidents happen at work, life insurance can help

If you die prematurely, on the job or off, you may want to help those whom you have left behind with the financial hardships that your death can cause. If you fall into one of the following categories, then you should consider buying life insurance:

You should seriously consider life insurance if:
  • You're married
  • You have children
  • You have parents and/or other family members who depend on your income
  • You have a mortgage
  • Your retirement savings or other accounts won't adequately support your loved ones
  • You are self-employed
  • You have debts like car loans or credit cards which would be a financial burden to your survivors if they didn't receive financial support

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