TORONTO, November 18, 2005 - Today, Kanetix® (, Canada's insurance marketplace, announced the launch of a new Term Life Insurance quote service that empowers Canadians shopping for life insurance by simultaneously showing both the standard and preferred life insurance premiums in an easy-to-read and compare format.

"Kanetix believes in providing easy-to-use and informative online tools for consumers to shop for their insurance quotes," said Gregory Ellis, Co-founder of Kanetix. "By showing the preferred and standard rate life insurance quotes together instantly, consumers can easily see which companies offer the best standard rates and the best preferred rates. Since they are sometimes not the same company, consumers can, at a glance, make an informed choice about which insurer will offer them the most affordable coverage."

Available on quotes for coverage of $250,000 or more, preferred rates can save a person up to almost 30% off the standard rate. Almost half all people applying for life insurance coverage through will enjoy some savings since experience shows that this is how many will qualify for a lower, preferred rate.

"Given that so many people qualify for preferred rates," said Ellis, "we thought shoppers would find it beneficial to see both quotes online instantly. Shoppers can easily review the range in rates offered and make their choice at their convenience."

Through, the person shopping for life insurance can get their quotes without having to answer additional health questions or provide their name, phone number or email. This is a real advantage the Kanetix life insurance quote service offers consumers because most people would not know how to categorize their health status anyway and it means they can shop anonymously until they are ready to take the next step.

About Kanetix

Launched in October 1999, Kanetix is Canada's leading national, online insurance marketplace. The Kanetix insurance information and shopping service brings consumers and insurance companies together in a one-stop shopping environment. Each day, thousands of consumers visit the Kanetix website at to compare insurance quotes from a variety of Canadian insurance companies. Users can select the insurance quote of their choice and choose to complete the application for coverage online or purchase their policy over the phone.

In addition to the insurance marketplace, Kanetix is a leading provider of online insurance quotation technology and develops online quotation systems and websites for some of Canada's leading insurance providers.

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Gregory Ellis

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