TORONTO, February 9, 2006 - Today, Kanetix® (, Canada's insurance marketplace, announced the launch of their Term Life Insurance Calculator, a tool that lets shoppers know how much term life insurance they should consider buying.

"The Term Life Insurance Calculator was introduced to help shoppers get quotes for and buy the right amount of insurance" said Gregory Ellis, Co-founder of Kanetix. "Too often, people are not sure how much life insurance they should have, so they get quotes for either way too little or way too much coverage. With the introduction of the Calculator, shoppers can get quotes for life insurance knowing they are considering the right amount of coverage for them and their family."

Kanetix believes in providing easy-to-use and informative online tools to help consumers educate themselves before buying insurance. The Term Life Insurance Calculator is only the latest tool announced by Kanetix to help shoppers with their life insurance purchases. Once shoppers identify how much life insurance coverage they need, Kanetix also offers a Term Life Insurance Analyzer. This tool helps shoppers know which term life insurance product is most commonly suggested for someone in the same situation.

Together, the Term Life Insurance Calculator and Analyzer give shoppers an opportunity to learn more about term life insurance, the range of products available, how much coverage they need, and which product best suits them personally at this stage in their life.

Getting results from both the Term Life Insurance Calculator and the Term Life Insurance Analyzer is free, does not require a person to sign-up and the results can be viewed instantly online. But the real advantage for shoppers is that once shoppers know how much life insurance they need and which term life insurance product best suits them, they can then complete an instant online life insurance quote through

About Kanetix

Launched in October 1999, Kanetix is Canada's leading national, online insurance marketplace. The Kanetix insurance information and shopping service brings consumers and insurance companies together in a one-stop shopping environment. Each day, thousands of consumers visit the Kanetix website at to compare insurance quotes from a variety of Canadian insurance companies. Users can select the insurance quote of their choice and choose to complete the application for coverage online or purchase their policy over the phone.

In addition to the insurance marketplace, Kanetix is a leading provider of online insurance quotation technology and develops online quotation systems and websites for some of Canada's leading insurance providers.

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Gregory Ellis


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