Cottage and seasonal home insurance -
How do I get coverage?

Getting insurance for your cottage or seasonal home can be challenging if you are not looking to insure your primary home as well. Since cottages and other seasonal homes are often unoccupied, these properties are more prone to theft and vandalism. As well, they are frequently located far from fire halls, and if there was a fire, the property is more likely to be involved in a total loss.

Due to these considerations, many companies are unwilling to cover your cottage or seasonal home on a standalone basis, however, most will provide coverage as an extension of your primary home insurance package. Cottages or seasonal homes are therefore generally listed on your primary home insurance policy as a "Secondary" or "Seasonal" property.

For that reason, when shopping for cottage or seasonal home insurance it's best to start by comparing prices for your primary residence.

Online quotes for primary residences, which include home, condo and tenants coverage, are available online through the KANETIX property comparison service . Once you've compared quotes for your primary residence and picked the quote that interests you most, confirm your rate with your chosen insurer and discuss your additional property insurance needs with them. They will likely then be able to adjust your coverage and quote accordingly.

The benefits of insuring your cottage and primary residence together are that you pay less of a liability premium on each property and are often eligible for a multi-policy discount.

Start saving today and shop around for home insurance coverage by getting quotes from multiple companies. It's the best way to know you are getting the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Compare quotes online instantly today at Kanetix.

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