We often receive emails asking specific insurance-related questions. Here are some of the most common questions, with responses from our licensed insurance representatives.

I'm going to be out of the country for a while. Will my existing property coverage still apply while I'm away?

It depends on your insurance company. They may be able to continue insuring your home even after you've left. If they're not able to extend coverage while your home is vacant, unoccupied or rented, then your next step is to find an insurer who will offer this coverage. At the Insurance Directory website, www.insurancedirectory.ca you should be able to find an insurance representative in your area who can help.

Simply select your province, and then the closest town or city. A list of names should appear, together with their contact information.

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* Although accurate at the time of publication, this information is subject to change and Kanetix® is not responsible for any damages caused as a result of the information included in this response. Always speak with your current insurance supplier, or a licensed insurance representative, to answer your specific questions.
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