You've heard the horror stories about travellers whose vacations or business trips were turned into nightmares because of minor accidents that resulted in broken arms, legs, or cuts and bumps that became complicated because of a bit of bad luck and a lack of travel insurance before visiting a foreign country.

While often there's little we can do to prevent these unfortunate events, there certainly is something we can do when preparing for our trip to greatly soften the blow if things don't turn out quite the way we've planned, and this is: Don't leave Canada without adequate travel insurance coverage becuase it is easy to forget that other country's health care systems, infrastructure and emergency response systems may not meet our high Canadian standards.

This is precisely why travellers should never leave home without travel insurance.

The travel insurance industry has been around long enough to have developed some great travel insurance products at very affordable prices. Often, adequate coverage can be obtained for as little as a couple of dollars per day, even less if you're a frequent traveller and opt for a multi-trip policy.

Choose the travel insurance coverage you need before you leave

  • Baggage Coverage Insurance - if losing your belongings would be a major financial setback, baggage coverage insurance will help to make things right again.

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance - if you've invested heavily in accommodations, fares, activities and the like, trip cancellation insurance would reimburse you if you are legitimately unable to begin your journey.

  • Trip Interruption Insurance - as above, if your trip is legitimately interrupted for some reason, you would be reimbursed for various expenses, depending on the trip interruption insurance policy.

  • Emergency Medical Insurance Coverage - emergency medical travel insurance is likely the most important, as travellers should be under no illusions about the ramifications of a medical emergency in a foreign country.

    Language barriers, sky high costs for treatment and a variety of other complications can often be swept away with a simple phone call to the number provided by your insurance provider. The comfort and convenience of having someone to talk to and help ensure the best possible outcome in a bad situation cannot be underestimated.

    Even if you have a pre-existing medical condition, you can probably still get emergency medical travel insurance coverage. The process of obtaining this kind of coverage may be a little more complicated, but it's still widely available and highly recommended.
Although the odds are excellent that you won't have to use them, it simply doesn't make sense to travel without these highly affordable options

So, whenever you leave the country, remember to pack travel insurance. For such a small extra expense, there's really no need to play the odds on your next vacation or business trip.

Compare different travel insurance quotes from some of the top travel insurance providers. Because your quotes are displayed side-by-side you'll easily be able to save both time and money.

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