March Break can be a time of bonding and adventure for your whole family. It's amazing how far family holidays have come in terms of the places you can go and the experiences you can have with relative ease nowadays. Sure, Florida will give you a warm winter break, but if your budget allows, and you're feeling a little more adventurous, don't miss out on the spectacular opportunities for adventure that await you in other parts of our interesting world. We've compiled a list of some exciting holiday Ideas for a fabulous family March break vacation, and we hope they'll help you to plan a unique and memorable March school break adventure for the whole family.

Two of these options are fairly close to home and very do-able, even on a limited budget, but if you have the means, look into some of the more exotic destinations on our list.

5 holiday ideas for a fabulous family March break:

1. Yellowstone and Canyonlands family adventure:
Dramatic and stunning scenery awaits you and your family in Yellowstone, Canyonlands, and Arches National Parks:

  • Firstly, fly to Salt Lake City to begin your adventure. You'll want to take the family north from there to explore the hot springs, geysers and bubbling mud pools in Yellowstone National Park. You and your kids will be amazed as you watch the geysers shoot super heated water up to 55 meters into the air! Also, you can observe bison, elk and deer as they graze in lush alpine meadows.
  • Next, drive to Moab Utah. This will be your base to explore the next two National Parks - Canyonlands and Arches. At Arches, you will thoroughly enjoy visiting the 73,000 acres of scenery filled with red sandstone arches. These structures can be as large as 89 meters across. At Canyonlands, delight in exploring 530 square miles of park that lies at the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers. You will find topography filled with rock formations that go by various names including: Canyons, arches, spires, buttes and many more.
  • Then, head back to Salt Lake City for your trip home.
2. Family mountain biking trip in the U.S.
This trip will keep your family smiling for weeks because it has some of the best mountain biking you can get in North America:
  • Like the previous trip, fly into Salt Lake City, Utah and head to Park City. There are tons of thrilling trails to explore here.
  • Then travel to famous Moab, to ride Porcupine Rim which features stunning views and fun descents and climbs. While here you'll also want to test out Slickrock which has a wonderful riding surface.
  • Before you head to your last fun riding destination, Fruita, visit Dead Horse Point for a sunset dinner where you can enjoy the jaw-dropping scenery of the area.

For something more exotic and far away, you might want to consider:

3. An Egyptian family holiday - Pyramids and Pharaohs:
Your kids may know something from school about the Pharaohs and the Pyramids but to see them up close is priceless. Here are some ideas of what you can do:
  • Cairo is a great place to commence your tour of Egypt - start off with a visit to the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Your kids will be in awe at these ancient world wonders.
  • From here you might want to take the train to Aswan where your family can ride camels along the Nile.
  • After this, try a sail up the river to visit the Valley of the Kings and the tombs of the Pharaohs in Luxor.
  • Nearby in Hughada, the family can swim and snorkel among the colourful fish in the Red Sea.
4. Family tour of Costa Rica - Jungles & Volcanoes:
In Costa Rica your family can experience amazing sites. There are volcanoes, banana plantations, rainforests and much more. Here are some ideas of where you can go:
  • After you arrive in Costa Rica and tour the city of San Jose, you can travel through the central region to visit the Irazu volcano.
  • Keep going and the road will take you to the plains where you can explore the banana plantations along the Caribbean coast. This area is known for the beautiful beaches of the Gandoca-Manzillo Wildlife Refuge which is home to manatee, dolphins and alligators.
  • At La Fortuna, near San Jose, you and your family can enjoy a soothing bath in the hot springs at Tabacon.
  • At Monteverde, your whole family will delight in visiting snake and butterfly farms and be amazed by the brightly coloured hummingbirds found there as well.
5. Kenyan family safari - Exotic Wildlife & Unforgettable Scenery:
How about a beach holiday and unforgettable animal encounters at two very different game reserves? There is something for everyone in your family in Kenya. Here are some ideas of what you may want to take in:
  • With Nairobi as a home base, your family can visit Samburu National Park where you can see a long list of wildlife including: Giraffes, zebras, gazelles, ostriches, elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs and many other types of animals.
  • The second major reserve to visit is called the Maasai Mara and can be reached by a one hour flight from Samburu to Maasai Mara. This adventure safari will usually take place via 4x4 vehicles driven by excellent guides. You will see lions, an abundance of plains game, a vast array of bird species and the migration of wildebeests.
  • When you fly back to Nairobi you might want to go on to Mombassa so the family can enjoy a relaxing visit to the beach, as part to their vacation.

As you can see, there are lots of wonderful adventures awaiting you if you choose something slightly different from the norm. The hardest part may be trying to decide which one to choose.

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