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  • Top 10 Selling SUVs In Canada
    If you're in the market to buy a SUV or crossover, there's more to consider than just the sticker price; there's auto insurance (of course) and gas too. See which SUVs are Canada's best-selling, and how much you can expect to spend a year in gas.
  • Top 10 Trucks In Canada
    In 2015, the pickup trucks Canadians most often bought were mostly built Ford Tough. The Ford F-Series pickup truck is not only the best-selling truck in Canada, but it's the best-selling vehicle, period. In 2015, it was the only vehicle in Canada to break the 100,000 sold achievement. See all the pickups that cracked the top 10 best sellers list in Canada, plus how much they'll cost in gas each year.
  • Top 10 Cars In Canada
    In 2015, the top 10 most popular cars Canadians bought all had a starting sticker price of under $25,000. This tells us that Canadians are cost-conscious when it comes to their vehicles, so we've included the estimated annual gas money you'll need to keep the car moving. See which cars top the best-selling list and which cars cost most to run.
  • The First Stop On The Road To Going Driverless: The Driver-Assisted Vehicle
    We may be years or even decades away from fully driverless cars, but in the meantime, we are in the age of semi-autonomous, driver-assisted vehicles - cars equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that enhance vehicles for safety and better driving. Take a look at our guide to the different levels of automated cars and ADAS options available to you.
  • Tips To Avoid Collisions With Pedestrians And Cyclists
    Limited daylight, snow and ice, mixed together with some dirty road slush makes for an interesting commute whether you're driving, cycling or walking. We know most road users are cautious in messy weather, but here are some tips for taking extra caution on the road to avoid a collision.
  • Tips For Winter Driving
    Winter can be one of the most difficult and unpredictable driving seasons, but if you stay alert, slow down, and stay in control, you'll be sure to get where you need to go, safely.
  • Talking Autonomous: How will Driverless Cars Affect Canadians?
    Talk of autonomous cars has been going on for years now, with announcements of major companies like Tesla, Mercedes-Benz and most notably, Google releasing their own models. This month, Kia joins the race by unveiling it's vision and roadmap for a fully autonomous vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. In light of the CES unveiling, surveyed Canadians to find out how they really feel about driverless cars.
  • Make 2016 The Year You Pay Less For Your Car Insurance
    It's that time of year again, to forget the mistakes of the past and look forward to a new year of opportunity. And, when it comes to your car insurance rates, there's a lot of opportunity to save. customers save on average up to $750 off their car insurance premiums. Could you save too?
  • The Results Are In: AJAC Announces 2016 "Best New" Vehicle Winners
    Looking to buy a new car in 2016? The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) list of the best new vehicles on the market is out. There are nine winners to choose from to help you make a smart car buying decision in 2016.
  • Drive Into Auto Show Season
    Although the Detroit auto show is arguably one of the best known auto shows in North America, you don't have to take a trip to the Motor City when there are many great auto shows to be found in Canada. See where and when the shows will be near a town near you.
  • Accident Prone: When Car Accidents Happen
    True or false: You're more likely to be involved in a car accident in the winter when roads are slick and driving tricky? Find out.
  • Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles In Canada
    This year's list of the most stolen cars in Canada is out. The list, published annually by the IBC, reveals the most stolen cars in Canada, in Alberta, in Ontario, Quebec, and in Nova Scotia. Is your car a favourite of thieves?
  • Winter Tires In Quebec: It's The Law
    The Quebec winter tire law requires Quebec drivers to equip their vehicles with winter tires by December 15th of each year and keep them on the car until March 15th. If you don't install four winter tires and get caught the fines are hefty, ranging from $200 to $300. Learn more about the Quebec winter tire law, who it affects and how to spot a winter tire.
  • Oh, Deer! What Happens If You Hit Wildlife While Driving?
    It's a grizzly sight, road kill, but a common sight especially this time of year when moose, elk and deer are particularly active. Find out what happens with your car insurance if you're in an accident with wildlife.
  • Top 12 Tips To Cheaper Auto Insurance
    The more you know about how insurance works, the more you'll be able to save off your premiums. Follow these simple tips and you'll know how to unlock the ways to maximize your car insurance savings.
  • The Value Of Deductibles, Discounts, And Other Ways To Save On Car Insurance
    Have you ever wondered what discounts are available on your auto insurance, or how choosing higher deductibles could save you money? Or even how much your daily commute adds to the cost of your insurance? You might be surprised how much you could save if you change your deductibles, ask about discounts, or minimize how much time you spend in your car.
  • The Most And Least Reliable Cars On The Road
    Not sure which dealership to head to first when looking to buy a new car? A recent ranking of the most and least reliable cars by Consumer Reports might help. Based on a survey of their subscribers, Consumer Reports has identified the companies that make cars more likely to be trouble-free from day one and which ones produce vehicles more likely to give you a headache.
  • Ontario Drivers To Get Winter Tire Insurance Discount
    Starting January 1, 2016 all Ontario car insurance companies must give Ontario drivers who change their tires seasonally a discount. How much the discount will save drivers will vary, however, it could be as much as five per cent.
  • Twelve Common Myths About Car Insurance
    Insurance can be confusing, and these 12 common misconceptions about auto insurance coverage in Canada often lead drivers astray. From the colour of your car to parking tickets to deductibles see what's fact and what's fiction.
  • 4 Car Myths, Rumours and Urban Legends: Are They True?
    There's a popular quote that says "A lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on." This is true when it comes to four popular car myths, rumours and urban legends: from cellphones at gas stations to red cars costing more to insure, we help you decide what's fact and what's fiction.
  • Fall Back: End Of Daylight Saving Time, Home And Auto Safety Checklist
    The weekend most Canadians fall back one hour is also the ideal time to tackle seasonal safety projects. A lot of the routine maintenance on your home and car should be done twice a year, so what better time to start checking items off your "to-do" list?
  • 13 Halloween Safety Tips At Home And In The Car
    As much as children love to go trick-or-treating and the resulting stash of candy, Halloween can be ghoulish if precautions by homeowners and drivers aren't taken. Thirteen tips to help you make sure that Halloween doesn't end up being scary.
  • Ontario Auto Insurance Rates Have Dropped
    Auto insurance rates have dropped, with some companies decreasing their rates by as much as four per cent, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario reports. The office urges consumers to shop around.
  • 12 Long Weekend Driving Tips
    As drivers take to the road this long weekend, make sure you don't end up remembering this long weekend for all the wrong reasons; namely getting a ticket, or worse being involved in a collision. Twelve long weekend driving tips to help you get to where you want to go safely, and free of tickets and collisions.
  • A Cornucopia Of Tips To Help You Save Money
    From the credit card in your wallet to the travel insurance you'll need on your next trip to the home and auto insurance policies you have, will help you harvest the savings during this season of Thanksgiving.
  • Not Wearing Your Seat Belt Can Increase Your Car Insurance By How Much?
    OPP kick off annual fall seat belt compliance campaign. Do you buckle up? It's estimated that 95 per cent of us do, but, police across Canada still consider not wearing a seat belt one of the "Big Four Killers" along with aggressive driving, driving while impaired, and distracted driving. How can it still be considered one of the Big Four if 95 per cent of us buckle up? Because, in collisions where there's a fatality, about one-third were not strapped in.
  • Older And Wiser: Safe Driving Tips For Seniors Behind The Wheel + Infographic
    Seniors are living longer and healthier, and are on the move and on the road. As experienced as most older drivers are behind the wheel though, everyone-regardless of age-could use a few safe driving tips now and again.
  • Celebrate Seniors Day With Savings Of $750 On Car Insurance
    What are you doing for Seniors Day, this October 1? would like to invite you, or the over 65s in your life to compare car insurance rates. Car insurance can account for a big chunk of your regular expenses, and if left unchecked, it's easy to overpay for it. See why, this Seniors Day, you should compare to save.
  • Seasons Change And So Does Your Car Insurance
    A change in season is the ideal reminder to take a few quick minutes to see if you're still getting the best car insurance rate out there. And, now that autumn is in the air it's time to see if you could fall into some savings on your car insurance.
  • Car Insurance For Teens
    For families with teenagers learning to drive, here are some ways to make sure you are getting the auto insurance coverage you need for your teen at the right time and best price.
  • The 10 Most Expensive (And Cheapest!) Areas For Car Insurance in Toronto
    The top 10 most expensive areas for car insurance in Toronto stretch from the west end to the east, from Downsview in North York to Malvern in Scarborough. Rates vary greatly across Toronto depending on where you live. Find out how your area compares.
  • Uber and Intact Working on Rideshare Insurance
    In response to the rapidly growing and somewhat controversial rise of ridesharing programs, Uber and Intact Financial Corp have announced plans to develop a new insurance product that protects drivers who use their own personal vehicles for ridesharing programs.
  • How To Test Drive A Car
    Taking a car out for a test drive is an integral part of the car buying process. Yet, it's been estimated that about 16 per cent of car buyers skip the test drive, and 33 per cent test drive just one vehicle. Minimize the chance of having buyer's remorse. Go on a test drive and get the most out of it with these easy test drive tips.
  • So Much For Being Polite, Study Finds Majority of Canadians Exhibit Road Rage
    A new survey from shows Canadians' bad driving habits haven't changed much in three years. We still feel a need for speed. Despite the country's reputation for saying "sorry," Canadians are unapologetic on the road. Find out which provinces are guilty of what, and how you compare to the rest of the nation.
  • Back to School, Lesson #1: How To Save Up To $750 On Your Car Insurance
    As the school bell rings, and students (and parents) get back into the grind, there's no better time for a refresher course in getting the cheapest car insurance rate. It's back to school & savings season. Find out if you'll be getting an A+ this year.
  • Save Five To 10 Per Cent On Your Car Insurance Right Away
    Save five to 10 per cent on your auto insurance premiums simply by doing this one little thing. Find out what it is.
  • New Ontario Rules Of The Road To Come Into Effect
    Distracted driving penalties, cyclist safety, and the safety of the drivers and occupants of roadside emergency vehicles among some of the new changes expected to come into effect in the coming months.
  • A Guide To Graduated Licensing In Ontario
    New drivers in Ontario must work their way through Ontario's graduated licensing program. It typically begins with getting a G1 licence, followed by a G2, and finally the full G driver's licence. See what's involved, the conditions, and restrictions of getting and keeping your licence in Ontario.
  • Put Down Those Phones: Dangerous Driving Months Ahead
    Many people assume winter is the most dangerous time of the year for driving, but year after year, summer proves to be the deadliest season. July and August not only have the most collisions, but the most fatalities too. Here's how you can avoid distractions and help make the roads safer this summer.
  • Five Bad Driving Habits That Could Cost You
    How we choose to behave while driving could have serious consequences, perhaps a ticket or worse, an accident. Avoid the following bad driving habits and be a safer driver.
  • Ontario Car Insurance Rates Have Increased
    Breaking News: Ontario car insurance rates have increased, putting the government's promise 2 years ago to cut rates by 15 per cent by August, 2015 into jeopardy. See how much your rates could be going up next renewal.
  • Traffic Tickets, Fender-Benders And Your Insurance
    Ever wonder what a traffic ticket or fender-bender might do to your insurance rate? See how a ticket (or two), a not at-fault accident, and an at-fault collision would impact an otherwise clean driving record.
  • Auto Insurance Tips For First Time Buyers
    Getting your very own car for the first time can be exciting, and with new beginnings like these it is prudent to start off right. Let's take a look at some tips for getting and understanding your auto insurance when you are a first time car owner in Canada.
  • Father's Day Tips For The Guy Who Has Everything
    Your kids will ensure that this Father's Day you're loaded up with thoughtful gifts, but don't overlook the gift you can give yourself: saving your hard-earned money.
  • The Most Environmentally Friendly Canadian Cars
    The Canadian Green Car Awards recognize vehicles with the greatest potential to minimize the overall impact of automobiles on the environment. Six have been identified as the greenest on the roads. See which cars won.
  • Go Topless and Save Money with Car Insurance for Convertibles
    The wind in your hair, the sun on your face...nothing beats a summer road trip driving a convertible. Read how, convertibles may not be all that expensive to insure.
  • 5 Unexpected Things That Can Affect Your Car Insurance
    It's not just your driving that influences your auto insurance. From boating DUIs to not paying child support, here are five surprising things that can affect both your insurance premiums and your coverage.
  • Car Insurance Rates In Hamilton's Downtown Core 28 Per Cent Higher Than Provincial Average
    Car insurance rates vary across Hamilton, with some areas being as much as 28 per cent higher than the provincial average. Find out how your neighbourhood compares.
  • Buying Your First Car, Or Your Tenth: 6 Resources Worth Checking Out Before You Buy
    Whether you're buying your first car or already own a car and are looking for a new set of wheels, buying a car should not be an impulse buy. It's important to do your research because no one wants a car that consumes too much gas, has high car insurance rates, or is one of the worst rated cars in Canada. We've rounded up six resources worth checking out before you buy.
  • National Road Safety Week Kicks Off The Summer Driving Season
    With the long weekend fast approaching, drivers are encouraged to slow down and take care when getting to where you want to go. Because like you, many people will be on the road to take advantage of the unofficial start to summer.
  • At Fault Accident Rules: 10 Common Accidents And Who Is At Fault
    Someone is always at fault. Accidents aren't really "accidents" they're collisions, and they don't just happen. Someone will be blamed, and sometimes there's more than enough blame to go around.
  • Make Mom Proud: Save Up To $750 On Your Car Insurance
    Mothers everywhere can appreciate saving money, but perhaps more importantly moms know that overpaying is just wasteful. Make mom proud this Mother's Day and see if you can spend less on your car insurance.
  • Changes Are Coming To Ontario Car Insurance Policies
    The Ontario Liberals have announced additional measures to reduce car insurance premiums in Ontario, but it doesn't come without a catch. Some Ontario drivers will see auto insurance savings, but all will face an overall reduction in coverage.
  • Traffic Report: Canadian Drivers Lose 79 Hours A Year Delayed In Traffic
    Think traffic congestion is getting worse? According to TomTom, you're right. You spent more time in traffic this year, than you did last year by about 2 hours. Overall, Canadians lose 79 hours a year because of traffic, and if you live in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal, it's even more.
  • The 10 Most Expensive & Cheapest Areas For Auto Insurance in Alberta
    Where you live has a lot to do with how much you pay for auto insurance. While the provincial average for auto insurance is $1,088 a year in Alberta, the rates vary across the province. Here's the low down from the most expensive to the cheapest.
  • More Than Half Of Canadians Pumped To Have More Money Thanks To Lower Gas Prices
    Gas prices are about 20 per cent cheaper than they were this time last year and a survey asked Canadians if cheaper gas would have an impact on their driving habits. See what was said.
  • New Distracted Driving Law Receives Unanimous Support in Alberta
    In a unanimous decision, Alberta is one step closer to passing Bill 204 amending the distracted driving laws and increasing fines from $172 to $250 plus the addition of three demerit points.
  • When It's More Than Just A Shower: Storm Damage And Your Insurance
    Severe thunderstorms-damaging wind gusts, large hail and torrential rain-seem to be increasingly common, and when they cause damage will you be covered? See how, or if, your home insurance or auto insurance will protect you from damages coming from severe weather.
  • Quebec Car Insurance: The Cost Of Car Insurance In Quebec's 10 Largest Cities
    We round up the top 10 largest cities in Quebec to see how much on average a typical driver might pay for car insurance. See how much it costs in your city. If you're wondering which cities are cheapest, we've got those listed too.
  • Canada's Best SUVs: Top Selling 10 SUVs In Canada
    If you're in the market to buy a SUV or crossover, there's more to consider than just the sticker price; there's auto insurance (of course) and gas too.
  • Police Blitzes And The Future of Distracted Driving
    The Toronto Police did not shy away from drawing attention to the dangers of distracted driving recently when they once again used a hearse to kick off their latest distracted driving blitz. What this means for distracted driving's future.
  • Distracted Driving Laws In Canada
    Canada continues to crack down on distracted driving. All provinces and territories (aside from Nunavut) have some form of distracted driving-related legislation in place with consequences varying from fines to fines and demerit points. And these penalties are getting tougher.
  • Which Cars Hold their Value the Best?
    Thinking about buying a new car? If so, then chances are you've heard that as soon as you drive off the dealer's lot, your brand new vehicle depreciates somewhere around 20 per cent. But vehicles depreciate at different rates, and each year. See which vehicles hold their value the best.
  • Top 10 Most Expensive Cities for Car Insurance In Ontario
    We round up the top 10 most expensive cities for car insurance in Ontario based on annual auto insurance averages. Most can be found in the GTA, but the top most expensive city might not be where you think. If you're wondering about the cheapest, we've got that too.
  • Best-Selling Minivans in Canada
    If you drive a minivan, chances are it's the Dodge Grand Caravan. See what other best-selling minivans made it to the top of the list.
  • Top 10 Trucks In Canada
    Last year's best-selling truck was built Ford Tough. See what other trucks were tops with Canadians last year (plus how much fuel they need to run each year).
  • Basic Car Maintenance & Car Safety Tips For Teens
    Some quick, basic car servicing information and what to do in the event of an emergency. Give your car the best care it deserves with these easy tips.
  • Are Teens Becoming Better Drivers?
    Teen drivers have always been saddled with a bad reputation when it comes to driving, and this is often cited as the reason behind high teen driver car insurance rates. But could this be changing?
  • 4 Easy Ways A Driver Under 20 Can Lower Their Car Insurance Rates
    It's no secret that young drivers, especially young male drivers, pay some of the highest auto insurance rates. Here are four easy ways young drivers can save.
  • Driven To Distraction
    We've all done at least one of these things while driving and some of us do them daily: put on make-up, shave, flip through songs, text message, or use your cell phone. You've multi-tasked before without incident so why worry now - right?
  • Ways To Avoid Distracted Driving Habits
    Distracted driving has become the number one killer on the road. Avoid becoming a distracted driving statistic with these tips to help kick eight bad habits that lead to distracted driving.
  • Buying Used Vehicles: Safety Recommendations For Teens
    Many teens are not driving safe enough vehicles. The U.S.-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety surveyed 500 parents about the cars their teens drive and found many of the chosen vehicles lack good crash protection and important safety features. Here's what to look for.
  • 10 Road Trip Tips For Keeping Kids Happy In The Car To Minimize Driver Distraction
    Nothing says summer like a road trip vacation. However, road trips can be a little tricky when travelling with children. Kids can go from blissful happiness to the depths of despair in a split second. For this reason, children can be a distraction; in fact, 89 per cent of Canadians said this to be true. Read road trip tips.
  • Could Tech Help Prevent Fatigue While Driving?
    Driver fatigue plays a role in 20 per cent of fatal collisions in the country. Here's how innovative technology is helping drivers remain alert on the road.
  • Survey Uncovers Why Drivers May Pay Too Much For Car Insurance
    Are you happy with what you pay for your car insurance? If yes, then count yourself lucky as only four in 10 people in Ontario are, according to a survey. Happy or not, the survey also revealed three misconceptions Ontarians have, which could lead to overpaying for auto insurance.
  • Tickets And Car Accidents On Vacation: What You Should Know
    Road trips can turn sour if you get a ticket or have an accident. Whether you're heading across Canada, or going south into the U.S., it's important to know what'll happen if the open road is marred by a speed bump along the way. Read more.
  • Ready For Usage-Based Insurance? Insurance That Actually Reflects Your Driving Skills
    Usage-based insurance programs monitor your driving to determine if you'll get a discount off your insurance. The discounts can be significant too, up to 25 per cent. But, like anything new, there are a lot of unknowns. Read more and view the Infographic.
  • You Got A Traffic Ticket For What?
    Eight traffic tickets you've likely never heard of, but aren't as uncommon as you might think.
  • Fuel-Efficient Driving Tips
    Squeeze every last drop of gas with these fuel-efficient driving tips. Learn more.
  • Canada's Best SUVs: Top Selling 10 SUVs In Canada
    In the market to buy a SUV; see which are tops with Canadians.
  • Mind The (Car) Modifications: Souped Up Cars
    Have you ever thought about customizing your car so it better reflects your style? If you have considered it, or are planning to anytime soon, you will want to also consider the implications a souped up car might have on your car insurance, if any at all. Read more.
  • The First Stop On The Road To Going Driverless: The Driver-Assisted Vehicle
    We may be years or even decades away from fully driverless cars, but in the meantime, we are in the age of semi-autonomous, driver-assisted vehicles - cars equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that enhance vehicles for safety and better driving. Take a look at our guide to the different levels of automated cars and ADAS options available to you.

  • Tips For Winter Driving
    Winter can be one of the most difficult and unpredictable driving seasons, but if you stay alert, slow down, and stay in control, you'll be sure to get where you need to go, safely.

  • Winter Driving Tips: Top 10 Myths And Mistakes
    Snow, slush and cold weather. For typically 5 months of the year (if not more) we have to navigate whatever foul weather Mother Nature throws at us. But, for all the practice and expertise we Canadians should have behind the wheel during these months, there's a surprising number mistakes we make when driving during the winter and myths.

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