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  • Canada's Best SUVs: Top Selling 10 SUVs In Canada
    In the market to buy a SUV; see which are tops with Canadians.

  • Mind The (Car) Modifications: Souped Up Cars
    Have you ever thought about customizing your car so it better reflects your style? If you have considered it, or are planning to anytime soon, you will want to also consider the implications a souped up car might have on your car insurance, if any at all. Read more.

  • Best-Selling Minivans in Canada
    If you drive a minivan, chances are it's the Dodge Grand Caravan. See what other best-selling minivans made it to the top of the list.

  • Top 10 Trucks In Canada
    Last year's best-selling truck was built Ford Tough. See what other trucks were tops with Canadians last year (plus how much fuel they need to run each year).

  • Top 10 Cars In Canada
    Last year's top cars listed (plus how much fuel they'll require each year). Chances are pretty good, that one of these top sellers sits in your garage.

  • Traffic Tickets, Fender-Benders And Your Insurance
    Ever wonder what a traffic ticket or fender-bender might do to your car insurance rate?

  • Sick of Winter? Kick The Blahs To The Curb
    Ice Storms. Bitterly cold temperatures. Power Outages. Floods. This winter has been a tough one, and Canadians everywhere are wondering when it will end. The good news is, it will end-of that we can all be sure, but until it does, we've listed a few of the good things to come. See what they are.

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Ontario Auto Insurance: 15 per cent cheaper in two years

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The basics in auto insurance all rolled up in a nice little package. Visit our auto insurance Quickguides for everything you ever wanted to know about auto insurance.


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