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  • How to Travel With A Cat
    So you're going on a trip and you've decided to bring your cat along with you. Most cats don't like to travel, but if you do need to bring your feline friend with you-or if you are moving-these tricks will help make the journey easier on both you and your cat.
  • How to Travel With A Dog
    Dogs are part of the family, which is why many people choose to take their beloved pets on trips and vacations with them. But travelling with pets can come with its challenges. This article will guide you in what you should do before travelling with a dog.
  • Infographic: Celebrity Insurance - Insuring Body Parts
    How do celebrities ensure that their physical assets are protected? Why body part insurance, of course.
  • Who should have supplemental health insurance?
    Government health insurance doesn't always cover everything you need which is why many Canadians purchase supplementary health insurance. Supplementary health insurance plans focus on services not covered, or not fully covered, by government plans.
  • Do you have sufficient health insurance coverage?
    Have you avoided going to the dentist because the cost puts a strain on your finances? Are you squinting to read a road sign, or having trouble reading the newspaper?
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