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  • Quitting Smoking And Life Insurance
    The hullabaloo of the holidays has finally settled and many Canadians are now focusing on sticking to their New Year's resolutions. For those of you who resolved to quit smoking, there's good news. Not only will you save money on the cigarettes you no longer buy, but you'll also enjoy savings on your life insurance premiums. See how much.

  • Are You Prepared Financially For Sudden Illness or Job Loss? Nearly Half of Canadians Aren't
    New research suggests many Canadians, especially those who carry debt, are not financially ready for sudden illness or job loss. There are two types of insurance that can protect you if an accident or illness prevents you from being able to work.

  • 10 Tips for Living a Longer, Happier Life
    Life insurance and health insurance are there for you if something goes wrong in your life, but to truly get the most out of your life you need to take preemptive action and embrace the things that make you healthy and happy.

  • Not Your Average, Everyday Life Insurance Broker
    Getting life insurance; it's up there with going to the dentist-you know you need to do it, but few people ever look forward to it. Like a great dentist, a great life insurance broker can turn that vibe on its head.

  • Hobbies That Make Your Life Insurer Squeamish
    Life insurance for skydivers, scuba divers and other extreme sports; what a life insurer may want to know about your adrenaline-inducing hobby.

  • The Importance of Buying Life Insurance Policies for a Stay-at-Home Parent
    A stay-at-home parent's salary is estimated at six figures. Why then would you not have a life insurance policy for both the working parent and stay-at-home parent?

  • Popular Life Insurance Products
    What life insurance products are Canadians comparing most? At KANETIX.CA there is one life insurance product that stands out from all the rest.

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