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  • Top Tips For Canadian Motorcycle Riders
    After a long cold winter, Canadian motorcyclists are itching to hit the road. Whether you're an experienced rider or just starting up, our "Top Motorcycle Tips" for Canadian motorcyclists will help you to keep on riding - safely and smartly.

  • No licence, no insurance, no plates? Not so fast
    What's the difference between an e-bike, scooter, moped, and motor tricycle? With the warmer weather upon us, you've probably noticed vehicles on Ontario's roads that are unlike most; they don't appear to be a motorcycle and they certainly aren't a car or truck. So what the heck are they and what's needed to ride them?

  • Why commuters choose scooters
    City drivers around the world have long known the advantages of scooters, and Canadian urban dwellers are catching on that scooters for commuters have benefits.

  • 11 tips for cheaper motorcycle insurance and one myth
    With motorcycle riding season just around the corner, there's no better time to go over some of the top tips that will help you save money on your motorcycle insurance.

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